Card 1: The World

Nothing to see here, keep moving everything is great. Just make sure you pay it forward. You’re in an upswing so recognize those times you’ve been down and have gratitude for those downtimes so you can finally properly see the upswings. You wouldn’t know if you were in an UP if you were not in that DOWN. So give gratitude to your up and down. For showing you where you’re at and that perspective, and pay it forward. Just saying you are having a great day, I am going to make it my mission to change someone’s life. Even if you don’t change someone’s life, imagine what you’re doing with the energy you’re putting out there, and the ripple effects of your creation with the intention of changing someone’s life. Giving a homeless person 50 dollars or smiling at someone genuinely. Even if you don’t get that smile back at least you’re putting it out there, that positive energy out there and that person will be affected even if they don’t show it to you, when they go forward they will create that ripple effect.  So everything is great for you this week just please pay it forward.

Card 2: Young Fire Sign (Knight of Wand)

Leo, Aries, Sagittarius. This young water sign is worrying a lot. Their thoughts are just going crazy and it’s manifesting into these worries and sometimes especially with children and they have a lot of nosebleeds that them overly worrying or picking at their nose constantly. You really want to talk to this young fire sign figure out the source of their worries, is it fear is it love is a fear of abandonment a fear of loss, ask them how they are feeling then ask them how you can mitigate that worry. How can you make them feel more secure? Sometimes it’s as simple as putting them on a routine and in that routine, there is a really balanced nutritional meal, sometimes it just their diet is out of whack, it starts there you are what you eat.

Maybe it’s talking to a naturopath or getting them crystals, or a reading just to where their moon sign is. Just put in the effort when it comes to this fire sign because they are struggling and they’re not going to be able to ask for help because they don’t necessarily know how to, you have to intervene. It may feel awkward at first, you’re going to thank yourself and eventually thank you through their actions. So this week do what you can to help out a young fire sign, and if you need any help just message me, I am literally just an email away.

Card 3: 3 Cards facing up (Ace of Cups, The Fool, The Queen of Pentacles) 4 Cards facing down ( 2 of Pentacles, The Moon, Ace of Wand, The Emperor)

We have a little story here because we have 3 cards that popped up face up and 4 cards popped up face down. The 3 cards that popped up face up are what you are consciously aware of. The 4 cards are what your subconscious is trying to protect you from because your subconscious wants you to continue to keep going status quo. The 3 cards are the Ace of Cups, The Fool and The Queen of Pentacles. Your feelings have changed, you want to take some risk, with a feminine earth sign Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo. So what’s blocking that, is the four cards, past experience where you didn’t find your power in a relationship, a lot of confusion, a lot of haziness, which brought a new beginning which comes to that foundation and then crumbled that foundation, made you feel powerless, to birth anything. So this subconscious energy is the reason why you can’t feel confident. So taking that risk and emoting to the Queen of Pentacles.