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October is turning out very nicely. It is Libra season, we are in mercury retrograde until the 17th, and the full moon is in Aries on the 20th. This is all very positive energy to work with, depending on what your sign is. Based on these three things, October is a month to go backwards, take stock of what you do have, and then find the love and beauty in that, especially in those one on one relationships. 


Within our subconscious this month we have the 9 of cups. This person is so happy and emotionally feeling great. The only thing we have to worry about on this card is the cloth behind the happy person. If any of these 9 cups fall over, they will spill all over the beautiful cloth, as well as if you were to pull the cloth out from underneath, all of the cups would fall over. What this tells us is that if someone were to essentially pull the rug, or open the curtains revealing what is behind, it would topple over a lot of this emotional contentment and gratification that you’ve had over this last little while.

It is the Mercury retrograde that is really going to open up those curtains when it comes to your relationships. This is something that will absolutely topple over your cups, spilling on that curtain that has been blocking out any elements that you don’t require, and it will create some stains. This month is about recognizing that if something or someone can pull back those curtains when it comes to our emotional happiness, then how happy were we really. 

The reason why we weren’t fundamentally happy is because of the 10 of Pentacles (also within your subconscious this month). Our happiness was completely based on our financial security within our family. Not just our own financial security, but financial security that is able to impress, protect, or help our family and friends. We were not truly happy, we were just on the route of happiness thinking that true happiness is all about money and financial security. Only in the past year or so have we realized that happiness is also about community, partnerships, love, etc.

Also within our subconscious, this month is the judgement card. We were only chasing a dream that was sold to us and we were never truly happy, and now we are judging ourselves for being deceived. Really, we had no choice. They work extremely hard to keep us feeling inadequate and like we can’t be fully happy unless we have the ‘whole thing’: financial security, happy family, etc. The judgement is misplaced, if anything we should be placing the judgement on them for conning and brainwashing us. Step back, realize that it was never about the money, that it was always about the connections, the energy exchange, and the support that money would bring you in order to support your family, and then you can release that. 

Once we do this we may slip into a little bit of a depression. This is because of the 4 of swords card. There is such a stigma attached to depression, but depression is really just deep rest. It is our body’s way of resetting, realizing that there was a co-dependency that is now being severed, and now we are going into deep rest in order to heal. We will be trying to sleep a lot this month in order to clear the depression once we’ve placed the judgement on how hard we’ve been working for financial security. 

We also have the 10 of wands. With this depression and time of deep rest we will feel that we need to get back to working. We are really going to see how much we put on our plates, and for what? You will see how many responsibilities and obligations have been on your plate during this time of rest and realize that they may not have been so important after all. This has all been very karmic (the justice card). It is karma putting us into that state of rest this month and saying that this is something that you have pushed for in a past life. Maybe you were constantly resting in a past life and didn’t do much work so now in this life you feel like you constantly have to be working, or vice versa. Maybe you worked extremely hard in a past life and now it feels unnatural for you to take rest. It is all karmic, and it is just the universe trying to balance itself back by giving you that state of deep rest.

You can take notes from a queen of wands (female fire sign, Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius), who is somebody that you have known for quite some time. They are very independent (the hermit card), and have been alone before. They have done the deep rest, and they will be able to show you through their experiences just how much strength that ended up giving them (strength card). This fire sign has been adventurous, independent, and a leader. They have had to forage for themselves, and you have witnessed this with your own eyes and heart. Now you are realizing that you can do that too. You can have that state of rest, realize that you can walk away from your responsibilities, and still come out strong in the end.


Consciously this month we have the 6 of swords. This card is us thinking that we have to move on from something. We also have the Knight of wands (young fire sign, Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius). They could be the queen of wands but in a different form. It is this young fire sign (who is not necessarily younger than you, but a young energy), that is forcing you to move on. Either this is an ex who broke your heart or somebody who you lost. It is now time to realize that we can let go and move on, and this can be much more difficult than staying.

Sometimes it can take a lot of courage and a lot of strength to pack up, move on, and realize that something isn’t working for you. This brings us back to the reason why we are watching so much tv, or spending so much money on things that aren’t fulfilling us: it is just to fill the void and make us feel more secure when all we really have to do is move on. 


Subconsciously we have the page of wands. This represents some sort of message coming in, potentially one that you did not want to receive. Maybe this message came in at the wrong time or someone saw it who shouldn’t have. It could be great news, or it could be horrible news, that is for you to judge and decide. At the end of the day, this subconscious message that has come in is now asking you to move on. What is going to block you but also help you to move on is conformity and the need for approval (the hierophant card). This stems back to the 10 of pentacles – where is the need for approval coming from? Are you taking your actions for security, or for approval? This conformity is the obstacle and the aid to moving on. The sense of feeling like you are forced to conform is blocking you from moving on, but it is also the reason that you need to move on in the first place. 

You have thought a lot about this, you have done what you need to do, but it still wasn’t and isn’t enough, so it’s time to move on (8 of pentacles). You are on this vibration of just being stuck (5 of cups), and everyone around you is telling you that you need to move on and make those changes. The fact that everyone around you can see that you are stuck makes the situation more frustrating because you feel foolish in a way. It is very simple for people on the outside to tell you to let go, but if we’re stuck in this state of conformity, lack, sadness, fear, and pain, it is so much easier said than done. The bridge is there, and if you are ready to actually move on, you don’t need to build the bridge but just walk over it and you will see how foundationally supported you are if you just do the hard work.

Crossing this bridge and moving on will certainly be an emotional battle, but it is worth it. There are two people specifically who have been waiting for you to cross this bridge, and they are waiting there to support you when you arrive. These should be the first two people who came to your mind. There is a family member, a knight of cups (young water sign, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), who is going to help you move on. They are part of the two dependents, fire and water, who want you to move on. 

Hope and Fear:

Hope and fear this month is the ace of cups: feeling like you need to change the way you feel about something. Changing the way you feel is extremely difficult because we work so hard to feel a certain way. Think about being in a new relationship – you don’t want to fall in love hard and fast, but you can’t help it and it happens. This feels amazing and exciting, so why can’t we take that energy and realize that changing the way we feel can be a good thing? It can be extremely positive, and it doesn’t have to be scary. This month you are fearful about your feelings changing about something, but you are also hopeful that they will change to help you move on. 

The outcome this month is:

Your intuition will be on high alert (the high priestess card), telling you that you have done enough (8 of pentacles), but that at the end of the day, if you are not bored and motivated enough at home to bring in a new energy, or to at least create the space for a new energy, then there is going to be no movement (4 of cups). Nothing changes if nothing changes, and we are in a universal year of changes. Mercury retrograde is bringing back opportunities, whether they be in the form of a job, a partner, a car, etc.

Whatever they may be, opportunities are coming back up, the full moon in aries is going to remind you of your conflicts around October 20th, and if that’s not enough to then move on, you are going to be in this situation for a long time. Your intuition is telling you to move on, you have worked hard enough to move on, but it still comes down to you. If you are bored and stagnant enough, then make the space for something new to finally come in and make some sort of change.