Card 1

4 cards (face up): 8 of Swords, Queen of Wands, 7 of Wands, Sun Sign

You feel powerless (8 of Swords). If you’re holding on to something heavy, you need to let it go and put it down. This heaviness could be from a female fire sign. Bring this person to your mind’s eye, say “I forgive you” and release them. Sometimes you won’t want to let go of people that you have in your past, but you will feel so much feel so much lighter. When you let go, you’ll bring in the Sun sign. This brings in happiness and recognizing you have this space for something bigger. 

Card 2

Face down, 4 of Cups

This card is face down, something that you are not consciously aware of; the fact that you’re bored and you don’t know what to do. You need to do some type of schooling or course, just something that gets you excited. Pull yourself back to a memory of when you had fun, a vacation, memories of when the kids were younger. Go back to those feelings, something that is fun, risk-taking because you want to feel grounded. Your dreams, goals and wishes are all connected and directly linked to your fun and creativity. Allow yourself to have fun, because you are so bored. 

Card 3

2 Cards Magician, Wheel of Fortune

These are amazing cards and this will be an amazing week. This is great because you are creating your luck, creating your shift. You are flipping a coin and telling yourself what it’s going to be, but at the end of day, you create your own luck. If that helps as a talisman this week, understand you have a decision to make between this and this and I’ll know what the answer is based on when I decide to say heads or tales knowing that it’s a double-headed coin. I really hope that made sense for you.

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