Card 1: 8 of Swords

Feeling powerless? This card has come up so much for you guys. Why haven’t you stepped into your power? Figure out what it is based on your astrology sign and what your superhuman power is…

Are you libra who is great with connecting with people?

Or a Scorpio who is able to see the darkness in the world and stay away from it?

Are you a Pisces who is intuitive and romantic?

Are you an Aquarius who is a natural humanitarian?

Figure out your super human power based on your astrology sign, If you don’t know the message Kelli Fox or myself; we will do your full charts and let you know what your superpower is because you are feeling powerless. You have it but you’re just in the wrong sphere. Get yourself in the proper environment to nourish yourself and you will feel powerful once again.

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Card 2: The Chariot

So I want you to comment or reflect on what integrity is. Then I will let you know what I think integrity is as it’s been coming up a lot.

Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching. If you were in a fishbowl and had to make a decision and everyone was watching would you make the same decision if you were alone? That is how you test your integrity and this week that will be highlighted.

Did you make the right decision, did you do it alone or did you do it from being watched? Get real with yourself. This integrity will crumble your foundation so you can step up from there. Make decisions like you are a celebrity because people are watching and people matter the most. Be very cautious about what you say the Universe is watching you this week and watch what you say.

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Card 3: Multiple Cards

Your emotionally happy family is urging you and making you think you have to move from something with this rest at home. This alone time is causing a lot of emotional confusion. You want your happy family and you want your family to be happy.

You need to move on from being at home and this is happening for a lot of people. This is really just feeling bored and bothered and you lost your sense of optimism and happiness. So find it in other ways. The new normal is asking you to find other ways to feel happy in this secluded, rest at home environment. Find other ways this week.

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