This reading is a little bit different; this is more of a general reading.

January 2021 comes in with a bang with all the 5 universal energy, the chaos and all the changes and also that fear of freedom.

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King of Wands

January 2021 starts off with this King of Wands energy. King of wands energy is very masculine fire sign energy it’s all about being impulsive, really outgoing, really adventurous. This leader’s energy. Come January this new month let’s start something new.

There are quite a few obstacles in our way which are all subconscious as the cards are face down; take a look at what’s going on first before you make any crazy about what you are going to be sacrificing in order to start this new venture.

Is it really negative in the long run, is it selfish?

Have you received messages from the Universe, the wands are all about messages from the Universe.

Who will you be conflicting with in order to accomplish this?

You have to change the way you feel about leadership. Go back to the first instance when you were a kid and you put yourself out there or you were forced into a leadership role and how did it go? You want to change your feeling surrounding leadership, especially coming into 2021. Look at your negative attributes, can you handle criticism, look at all the things around you and how you can change.

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9 of Cups

The 9 of Cups is the other card that popped up which emotionally you are in a great place. So that is what your subconscious is saying. Now let’s look at the conscious side, January 2021 comes in and forces us to look at the past. Even though we’re going into the New Year, our human brains are still pulling us back to the past of what has happened. Asking ourselves what about this and what about that? This is based on a female fire sign, Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. There is something from the past whether it’s a mother figure, friend, or sister, this person has figured out a pattern with you.

That pattern is all about not letting go, this person is a fighter and not moving forward they may have some earth energy in their chart, even though they say they are over it they bring it back up in a really malicious way. This person will help to not be stuck in the past, so when you are doing it just know it’s a sign from the Universe. This Queen of wands will remind us to let go, especially coming into 2021.

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Sun Card

The next obstacle that comes up is your happiness with the Sun Card, which makes you feel that you are not worthy to let go, telling yourself things like “I would be happy if this happened…”.

If you think this way you are setting yourself up for failure. Letting yourself know you won’t be happy because of what this person did to me in the past.

The only thing you can do is go back into how you feel about it and change the way it makes you feel, you can’t change what the person did to you but you can change how you feel about what happened. So subconsciously you know you have to move on from something that is part of the changes for 2021.

This is a 5 card and as you can see with this person here they are looking at the spilled blood, they are focusing on the bad blood. If they just turned around they would see that they had two standing cups even though you are looking at the bad, there are two cups for you to move on with. Build a bridge and move on, we may feel like we have no control over these changes.

We just need to embrace the small changes, in order for the big changes to happen, with all the chaos and all the 5 energy happening. There is a tool you can use to move on a lot of people say they try to move on but you can’t try to move if you lift a heavy bag you just put it down effortlessly. So look at the person in the mind’s eye, dead in the face and say I forgive you for not being the person I wanted you to be and let go.

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Tower Card

This is our vibration for 2021, so when we vibrate this year this is our frequency with this card, The Tower card, shows what we vibrate out we get back in 3x more. We are basically telling the Universe we want changes we want them now. If you’ve been seeing the number 5 5 5 then you know change is right in your hand, so embrace it and the sooner we embrace it the more in control we feel.

I have a Taurus daughter and she’s on a 5 life path so things need to be her idea in order for her to do it. So telling yourself it’s your idea to make changes over this month will make it a little bit easier to swallow them when they come in.

Justice Card

For family and friends, we have the Justice Card. So what that means over January 2021 is that it’s going to feel unfair with friends or family so keep in mind that the Universe is Karmically balanced. So when something seems unfair it’s actually fair Universally, you just can’t see it yet.

So let it play out as a debt, even though you think it’s not fair in a past life this is just your debt to pay off so just let it play out. Hope and fear is where that earth sign comes in, this card is the King of Pentacles, so we hope for this energy but we fear as well.

We hope to embrace this energy of feeling grounded and rooted but we fear it as well. 2020 was all about our foundation and we were tested with that but if our foundation never changes it will erode and you will live in this broken eroded rusted foundation. So the outcome for January 2021 is a new beginning ( Ace of Wands), a new partnership or relationship, which is something that is actually going to build you up instead of breaking you down.

Especially after 2020 people are a lot more open now and embrace the changes, fewer fears, we hit the peak of fear and we are ready for changes. The Death card major transformations, huge shifts and transformations, that you are going to feel starting this month. If you want this partnership to work out for you you need to let go of the past. The Queen of wands who told you that happiness was based on the past you need to let it go. It’s time to take charge of your happiness.

Embrace this happiness, The Sun card just wants to shine through. So just let it happen for 2021!

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