Card number 1

This week is a sad one. That heartbreak, that one that’s been lingering, you will receive a message this week that shows that you are not over it. Get over it and have a funeral and let go. Pull your energy back, and gain back yourself.

Card number 2

This week is an exciting one, I couldn’t wait to share, Queen of Cups popped up. Something is happening with a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. You are going to give birth with that person or birth something with them or for that person. That person is directly linked to that birth that you give, which The Ace of Pentacles pops up and gives you that sense of power, and that means what power means for you.

Card number 3

This week the 7 of Pentacles comes out. This means if you have been considering investing, this is your sign, I think everyone should be considering investing. This week is an exciting one filled with lots to do and lots of excitement.