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Card number 1

You need to give attention to this person this week; a young water sign, who needs attention and will be struggling in this fiery season. Remember everyone, fire and water don’t mix. This young sign needs help and direction, which made me pull 3 more cards to give you more direction for this person. The Star card, makes you feel happy. The Fool card came along too, so take some risk. The 3rd card that is big fire energy; it’s like being a toddler and doing things without fear. They just use their impulse and do it. 

Card number 2

If you chose this card, 3 cards popped up. The 9 of Wands, which means holding on to something that you worked, so hard to keep holding onto this one energy. The 2nd card shows someone is now realizing they are losing out on opportunities they are passing by. So, as you focus on this one energy, you’re letting other ones pass by. You’re pinned down by your thoughts. The 3rd card means that all this built-up energy that you didn’t use will go towards rage and fights with other areas of your life. There is no shame, it’s just self awareness and you don’t do it again. 

Card number 3

If you chose this card, The High Priestess, it was faced down. This is a touchy matter that you necessarily don’t want to look at. Trust your intuition, it’s not hard. Listen to what it’s saying and follow it. Do we deny it because or ego wants a different answer? You need to follow your intuition especially this week.

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