Hey Everyone, it’s Vannessa from Beyond your Sun Sign.

Pick a number 1, 2,3!

By the way, it’s Pisces season, and for those of you who don’t know what that is; It’s magical, everything this month is intuitive.

Card 1

If you picked card number 1 this week especially, it’s all about intuition and listening to your gut. IF you don’t do this often it’s time to start at least for this week. This week intuition is on an all time high, It comes to some through dreams, or eating or just your gut feeling just listen to it.

Card 2

Time for card number 2 which is a Page of Swords. It can work in two ways and comes from a very young air sign, like a baby young. This also means a new announcement or new message or even a new beginning. This announcement will give you that support to just go for it! So this is very exciting, just keep an eye open!

Card 3

Card number 3, had a few facing down but the one that I pulled is a Knight of Cups, which means that there is a young water sign who is very much in your subconscious. This also means the Knight of Cups is also asking you to explore a little bit, about this person being in your subconscious maybe by lucid dreaming like actively going into your dream state, figure out who this person is. This week is when they come back up! So dig around this week! 

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