This is a General Reading for the entire month of April. 

This month, the Universe is asking you to let go of things that no longer serve you. This is the month you can finally sit down and let go of that relationship that’s holding you back and move on.

 There is also some emotional confusion for you this month which is coming from your subconscious. It means this is coming from a past relationship, not your current one. You keep living in a cycle and you need to break that cycle and move forward and let go of those relationships that deceived you.

Also this month, I pulled two cards and which mean heartbreak from a female water sign! This female created the cycle that you need to break so that you can have better relationships. 

The last card that came out for your subconscious is The Hermit card, which means while trying to break this cycle you need to do it independently and not by going to the person who hurt you to confront them.

Now time for your conscious feelings this month. The Strength card popped up which is all about being the strong one. It’s okay not to be the strong one sometimes. This strength comes with negativity so you need to let it go, as this is who you are in your relationships who draw in people who drain your time to let them go and be cleared. 

With family this month, make sure they are secure. If you are not doing it for yourself do it for your family, make them feel secure.


So this month it’s all about being independent, being strong and letting go of all of that toxicity that happened with this female water sign. Also 

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