Chaos this month!

This is a universal month of new beginnings. This month we will talk about our personal lives, and that will have a ripple effect on the rest of the month. We are going to be starting from square one this month.

Cards like Ace of Cups came up and is about honoring the way we feel. Some people may come up and ask why do you feel a certain way but this month it’s about honoring what you feel inside. This month, analyze how you feel and what your body is telling you and sort through it and better your life.

After that, the dreaded Tower Card popped out, everyone is always terrified of this card as it represents more of risk-taking, start taking risks, this month is either recognizing these new emotions and dealing with it or get smothered by it like the smoke in the tower card.

After this card, a whack of cards fell face down so your subconscious the cards are The World Card, The Page of Cups, The 4 of Wands, Star Card, 6 of Wands, Devil,  7 of Pentacles.

This is what is blocking The Tower. There is a young energy that these cards represent because a marriage card also popped out, and this young immature energy supports you… but how much? The reason they are like this is that they are stuck in a past moment of childhood trauma, and whatever age that happened to that is the age they are mentally stuck in.

You will help them to heal, they are sick basically so they will heal through you! You either married them or in the family. Two other cards were faced down and a little deeper into your subconscious.

The Wheel of fortune and 3 of Pentacles mean you need a shift! You need change, you need new beginnings! We have a very rare opportunity to make what you need to get done. Decide today what you want to do this month with this young water sign.

You either get smothered away by the smoke they pull you in or you make changes immediately. Put your foot down, and let them know what needs to change! It’s time for them to realize what they are doing and change that situation!