What if you could know to the exact date which days in April were the Good Days? Which days to work on projects, to launch a product, have important meetings, or have hot dates? Or even which are the best days to relax and connect with friends and family?

You can! There are special days in April that when realized can align you with positive energy and grow your dreams in a magical way.

These special days occur when the Moon aligns you with auspicious connections, love and money building energies, AND reflects the light from powerful planets giving off their energy.

Actions on these magical days give you great impact, help you send ripples of influence for love, commerce, connection or announcements, and give you greater ‘fruit’ in the future from what you do on these days.

These special days are called Green Days.

Green Days occur only between 1 and 10 days each month and in April there are 8 Green Days!

Green Days are “Go” days which are positive flow days when the energy of the moon supports your actions for growth or love or commerce and is aligned with the good giving energy from Venus, Jupiter or Mercury.

More magic or kismet tends to occur on Green Days.

Your April 2017 Green Days

Right now, Venus and Jupiter have a special alignment through to the end of May 2017, which sets up a special flow or jet stream of wisdom, insight, creativity and fertility.

These extra positive forces of Venus and Jupiter empower your Green Days with even more amplified hope, inspiration and opportunity. So much that it can almost be overwhelming!  This is a good problem to have – too much goodness from which to choose.  The well-wishing planets of light and extra sprinkles are showing you the way!

Here’s how to use Green Days:

  1. Listen to your intuition even more on Green Days and be open to auspicious connections. People you meet or continue a conversation with on Green Days naturally expand, build or flourish.
  2. Send announcements for events or newsletters and reach out to important contacts on Green Days. Connections during this period start a special growth cycle, like seedlings with all the right ingredients and perfect light and water.
  3. Reach out and communicate with important people who might be able to help you with your ideas and dreams for projects on the Green Days. You might be surprised at what happens when you reach out, call, email or send an announcement of something important to you. Trust in the process.
  4. For Fitness: Start or adjust your workout or weekly commitments on the Green Days.  You are supported by the Universe on Green Days.
  5. Run errands on Green Days. Things connect, flow and move easier on Green Days and save you time in the long run. Test it!
  6. If you are single, try using the Green Days for date nights and see how things go.  You can also use Green nights to connect with your tribe and friends. We all need our friends to keep our heart happy, in addition to romantic love.

April 2017 Green Days:

April 9 – 11 are EXTRA MAGIC GREEN DAYS with the full moon on April 11 (10th for Pacific Time and earlier time zones).

These three Green Days, April 9, 10 and 11, offer “off the charts” energy in April!  We have the full moon on April 10/11 and only the very beginning of Mercury Retrograde on April 9, so the full effects of Mercury Retrograde are not in effect until April 10th onward.

April 9 is an important day to create a foundation, literally, if you are pouring hardscapes or doing a house remodel. What you establish on this day will be firm and stick around a very long time, whether that is a new kitchen floor, a new hardscape, a marriage contract, making a large purchase or a business contract of any kind. So, choose wisely!

April 10 A magical day for ANY new beginnings of any kind. This is a great day for starting a journey or for traveling, opening a new bank account or taking on a loan or repaying debts; it’s a great day for starting a fitness plan that will have big impact, for healing work, or taking healing remedies.

April 11 A playful date night or a great day to spend with friends or family. Make a memory by choosing a fun event to do with a group of friends or your family (or make that date a fun one, with putt putt Golf or something). Whatever you do, go with the flow because Mercury retrograde make communications and planning a little goofy.  It is a fun, beautiful day to connect and let your inner child come out and play.  As a result, you might even be inspired with a new design idea for your home or work.  This is also a day connected with architecture, Feng Shui and Vasthu – so drawing and design might be part of your fun on this day.

April 20 A great day to move commerce, work and money making ideas along.  LISTEN is the theme of the day; listen to your intuition; listen to what others are saying around you for hidden gem ideas; actively listen in on meetings and you will have a truly productive day. It is a light day, so allow the energy to move you along.

Mild Green Energy Days are what I call ‘honorable mentions’ for sprinkling your month with luck, flow and connections.

April 1st and 2nd are both days for gardening (and growing important habits in your life).  On these days, choose an important statement by planting a tree or gardening on these two mild Green Days. This applies to literal gardening and as a metaphor for planting in your life – for projects, for setting new habits, and for establishing plans for the rest of the year. Use these days to choose wisely and then enjoy the fruits of the labor on April 2.

April 24 and 25 A special duo where the light of the moon is gently caressing your creativity – that first day April 24th might seem like things are stuck, but because it is a foundational day, look for the ‘ground’ of what you are creating.  If you are an artist, do you want to try a new material on your canvas as the base, or change the materials or computer programs you work with if you are an architect, designer, event planner, blogger, or parent?

It might take a little extra time to learn the new program or test the new materials, but changes made on April 24th will make BIG shifts in what you create next.

Let April 25th flow, flow, flow and let the day’s energy gently caress your creativity. Let go of all expectations today, and it will feel like an angel has given you sparkles with her wand.  Be open to new ideas, to letting your creativity flow in some surprising ways, and let it happen in the most unexpected ways. It is a day of sweet kismet, so be open to small blessings today.

Other good news, is this Mercury Retrograde will not be as technology-fritzing as it usually is because Mercury is in a special technical combination with Mars. So, even if machines, cars, or tech go crazy on you, you will find a great technician, mechanic or Brainiac to help you with your problem. You might even be the Brainiac who comes up with some new creative solution during the second half of April.

Remember, Venus goes direct April 15, 2017 helping us to actualize and express the creativity which might have been bubbling inside.

Act and move your ideas or projects forward because there are extra special Green Days through May 30 that can propel what you sow in April. No matter how small the task, keep moving your dreams forward on these Green Days, and it will ‘leap frog’ you toward your goals.

Yet, things just keep getting better.

May progressively adds more juice, energy, love, wisdom and blessings to the Green Days.

Mercury goes direct on May 3, 2017. The waxing Moon aligns with the jet stream of opportunity and joy from Jupiter and Venus and gives us some of the MOST charged Green Days of the year!

On top of that, May 2018 has one of the most abundant Green Day months – with 10 Green Days.

Positive ripples and greater harvests are created in the future when actions are started or moved forward on these incredible Green Days.

Here’s to supporting your dreams to come true!

About Kathleen M. Whalen M.S.

Kathleen Whalen M. S. Is an Indian Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer and Soul Purpose Coach who has created a way for her clients to exponentially expand their wealth health love and peace in their lives. As an international author, speaker an online teacher Kathleen is also creator of astrology timing calendars. Go to ConsciousCalendars.com , where you can receive your free Calendar to Aligned Happy Living.

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