bambooPinAre you ready to receive wealth, health, creativity and have mind blowing ideas showered upon you?

There are two windows of this special blessing coming your way before the end of this year!

First I want to tell you about the Planetary Super Heroes and then how Mercury Retrograde might actually be a good thing this year!

Happy Dance ~ Venus joins Mercury and Jupiter in the same sign from August 24 – September 9!

Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are together now in Virgo which touch off expansion in wealth for some, a health revolution for others, and immense creativity for musicians, artists and idea people like coaches and teachers of all kinds.

Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo are superheroes and since Venus is kind of shy in Virgo, it still strengthens the group as a whole.

This Venus combination teaches all of us that you don’t have to be an extrovert to be a superhero in life.

When these three planets get together, then creativity flows and we all can be musicians, singers, artisans, dancers or DJs or make new discoveries because we are open to new ways of doing things.

Here is the best way to tap into the flow and creativity which will be creating immense fun and opportunity for all of us.

Make many dates with small groups of friends or colleagues to enjoy art, music, dance or to go dancing together. When we listen to music or sing together, see a play, experience a live performance that moves us or when we dance or juggle, our brains actually find new connections and we will come up with creative solutions to problems or issues in our home, work and relationships.

mercury retrogradePinAugust 30 – September 9 – Mercury’s Most Powerful Moment

Then Mercury retrogrades in Virgo its most powerful place in the sky according to Vedic Astrology from August 30 – September 9 intensifying things even more (then Mercury continues to retrograde through September 22 but does not bring the same exponential results).

THIS YEAR Jupiter and Mercury are together two times in this magical combination which usually only happens once every twelve years, but THIS year it happens twice!

This sparkly combination gives a magnified effect for health and wealth when Jupiter and Mercury combine in this sign of goodwill, healing and commerce or money making. Some really BIG ideas are going to come out of this time period, trust me.

What BIG IDEAS might you have in this powerful period of time?

Here are a few ways to activate, allow and use the energy of this time:

If you are an entrepreneur or run a company, have a creative master mind or celebration: gather colleagues, friends and those who inspire you – you can gather to help each other to collaborate around your plans for expansion or to solve an important problem you all want to change.

Teach something you know and love: You can document the information on camera, on voice recorder, in a drawing, in writing or with photos. You are probably an expert in something or want to pass some memories on to your family, now is the time to document it so others can experience it in the future.

The world can benefit from your training, knowledge and sharing. This is the time to just get it down somewhere, somehow – the legacy you share of your stories or knowledge is a particularly special time right now, your sharing can live on and help others beyond your grave.

Have a party and socialize during this window! Add creativity or games to your gathering, or make it an old fashioned work party where everyone helps you with your garden or to build something. Jupiter inspires everyone to help, and Mercury helps make it fun!

Have a game night with friends and family! It could be board games, trivia, ping pong, croquette, or bean toss – but play some games with friends when you go out to dinner or meet out – the bonding and memories will be with you for the rest of your life – and will stimulate some great ideas that will come from the play.

Go on a Detox or cleanse with friends and support each other in your common goals.

Sign up for a class on something you have always wanted to learn or want to review. The new found friends in the class become a new community in your life.

If you are an entrepreneur, spontaneously host a master mind or a learning or arts experience; include a health element, it could be the tea, a guided visualization, or have the group meet at a music performance, an art exhibit or something creative.

Try something new and you will see that the new friends and what you are learning sparks something inside of you that is healing, joyful or gets the mental juices flowing. The repercussions will reverberate into all areas of your life in a good way.

What a lovely couple of weeks all only temporarily distracted by the eclipses on August 31/September 1 and September 16.

dew-dropsPinWhy is this Mercury Retrograde not to be feared and might even be a good thing?

Many of us roll our eyes and exclaim “Oh no, Mercury is retrograding again?!”

And it’s true, Mercury retrogrades three times a year after all.

But the good news about it this time is that…

1. Mercury gets stronger when it retrogrades and intensifies the qualities of the sign where it is, plus this final retrograde of the year has Mercury increasing positive results for many of you.

2. Mercury in Virgo can set up opportunities for great change, brilliant ideas, incredible healings especially for nervous system and cognitive issues, for health detoxes and great money making deals when it is in Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo is in its strongest place in the heavens for wealth and commerce opportunities, for health, herbology and for developing tech solutions that speed up time-consuming activities.

So what exactly might you notice in your life?

Software developers will be spinning with ideas and capabilities to solve big problems; complimentary medicine practitioners and health practitioners will discover new herbal combinations, those in neuroscience will discover new combinations to help nervous system and cognitive issues, entrepreneurs and coaches will create new products, support groups or communities which will develop great new collaborations. Marketers and sales people will shine and be in their element. Students and spiritual seekers will find detailed answers to their questions.

I encourage you to engage with any and all of the kinds of activities mentioned above (the arts, music and creativity with the kinds of friends, groups or family that can bring about those new learnings, new communities, new products, new tech solutions, or new answers to your deepest questions).

Mercury and Jupiter are like two superheroes:

Since Mercury in Virgo is stronger through September 9th, and is with the other planet of expansion, Jupiter, this will expand commerce, learning or teaching opportunities when the famous Mercury and Jupiter combine.

A first phase of the magical combination is while Mercury is not retrograding through August 30 (straight up Mercury and Jupiter), then while Mercury retrogrades and spins in strength and provides new solutions through September 9 and then a last phase this October.

Not only is it rare for all three planets of light to be together in Virgo at the same time, but to have Mercury retrograding there, only sets it up to return to the sign of its strength for deal making again in October!

This is a VERY BIG deal this year!


We only need to watch out for a tendency to spin in place, since Mercury can bring such speed to some brains, that it can be overwhelming to get the ideas from our head and heart to our lips and thus hard to express our ideas.
What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

The first is to spend time in nature and seeing green trees and plants, or increasing laughter is going to be crucial for this Mercury retrograde – try to spend small snippets of 5 minutes in nature, 3 – 5 times a day if you can.

Just lying in the cool grass and losing yourself with big deep breaths will restore your nervous system quite nicely.
If you are having a heat wave where you are, get ready to use GREEN things to help cool you off – like peppermint essential oil for instant A/C, Holy Basil tea for calm and raising your vibration or to jump through the sprinkler like a kid again or roll on cool grass in the shade.

These are all Mercurial things to do and are associated with promoting the positive effects of the planet Mercury in our lives; a planet of play and using or eating the healing vitality of plants in our lives.

So, can you see now why this Mercury Retrograde is not to be feared and is even be a good thing with the planets of light aligned?

The planet of wisdom (Jupiter) with the planet of commerce and learning (Mercury) receiving inspiration from the planet of the arts all creating expanding results in your life for making good, healthy choices, that could expand your income or creativity?

This is a time to be in action (except for the days of the eclipses or Mega Red Days in the Conscious Calendar system coming up) and to wait to feel satisfied with it all – focus on showing up first in your life for family and friends and with work in this cosmically aligned time, and see the financial and action and learning filled results. Trust me, the fulfillment is right around the corner when Venus moves into the next constellation.

So, do a happy dance and tap into your inner super hero with Mercury, Jupiter and Venus all helping you access a different hidden power within each of you (according to your own birth chart). You CAN be a shy, or introverted superhero or an architect of your dreams, we are all different. It is time to step into your power.