2019 is the year of expansion and self-acceptance. Finally, the time has come for us to delve deep into our subconscious minds and shine a blast of coral energy into our shadow patterns or self-hatred and keeping ourselves small and insignificant.

As I’m sure you are aware by now, we are currently living through a Universal year cycle 3 which is a period of communication, collaboration and creativity. This year more than any other, doors will finally start to open around you so that you can start to manifest more of your hopes and dreams.

In the Colour Mirrors system, number 3 is represented by the planet Jupiter and is coral above coral. This is the color of the new Christ Ray and offers personal development opportunities for greater self-acceptance and self- love.

To gain the greatest benefit from all of this potential, you must take inspired action and stop listening to the voice of your inner-saboteur. The time has come to fully learn to accept yourself unconditionally as part of the divine and integrate that into your human experience on the planet. You are already a Christed human, so it’s now time to know it.

But how do we do this? It may seem impossible to realize your soul truth after a lifetime of destructive stories of blame, doubt, and shame. We are our own worst critics so it’s imperative to start showing yourself more compassion. Remember nothing is impossible. You are the creator. You’ve got this!


Ten Keys To Self-Acceptance

1. Intensify Your Intention

The journey always begins with setting an intention to live your life in self-acceptance rather than self-hatred. The universe will then conspire to deliver opportunities for growth so you can open to greater trust, tolerance and allowance. To intensify it, simply write it down in your journal.

2. Accept Your Past

It is key to remember that whatever events took place in your past, you did your best at the time. Everyone makes mistakes. It is part of the human experience. You did what you thought was right at the time. Hindsight is a funny thing, but you are not the same person today that you were then. You have evolved, grown and quite simply are not the same person anymore. Forgive yourself, you were in a process of self-awareness.

3. Seek Solutions

As yourself the question: What can I do today that will make me feel more satisfied? How can I feel more accepting towards myself? How can I look in the mirror and genuinely say to myself, I love who I see before me? There will be a range of both long and short term solutions. Experiment with both. You may want to start by changing your outfit, going for a haircut or meditating. Think about the actions you can take right now to solve your problem. Note that there are always problems and note that there are always things that you can do about them. You have the power to solve them. For your more long term issues, simply write them down and create a plan of action.

4. Embrace Failure

It is important to realize that perfection isn’t the goal. The purpose of life is not to avoid failure. The imperfection in life is where growth is incubated. Mistakes always make us better human beings. Stop being so hard on yourself when you venture off the right path. Remember the more times we fail, the closer we are to succeed.


5. Daydream On Your Successes

It is essential to refocus on what you have done right and not the things you are judging as wrong. Realize that you have done well in your life so far. Even just to survive is an achievement in itself. Think about all the things you have done that make you more loveable, worthy of other peoples acceptance and your own acceptance. Know that you are worthy to be loved by you!

6. Recognize Your Individuality

How do you express yourself that is unique to you and makes you loveable? How do you align your life with what you truly value? What makes you different? Do you have any talents or abilities that you like about yourself? Try not to compare. Remember you don’t have to be exactly like anyone else. Make a list in your journal or all of those traits and be proud to express them daily.

7. Ignore The Negatrons

Observe the type of people you tend to surround yourself with. Do they lovingly support you or do they negatively reinforce destructive self-talk? Why do you allow them to do this? Maybe it’s time to make a conscious choice to ignore them or remove them from your life completely?

8. Wave Farewell To Fallen Dreams

If you cannot accept your current set of circumstances, compared to what you hoped for your life when you were younger, it may be the right time to grieve the loss of your fallen dreams and simply refocus on becoming the best version of yourself from where you are right now. Letting go of old paradigms will set you free from inner turmoil and create new space for fresh creations.


9. Reconnect To Your Higher Self

By interacting with your higher self, you will be able to access information outside of your conscious awareness. What does he/she say to you? This process enables you to feel empathy, compassion and love towards yourself. Remember just 10 minutes of meditation per day is all it takes. Be kind to yourself and gift yourself that time.

10. Bathe In Coral Energy

Coral is the color of self-acceptance. There are three bottles in the Colour Mirrors system which are perfect to support your journey during 2019 and clear destructive patterns from your cellular memory so you can realize your true potential with a lot more ease and grace. The first is bottle 3 – Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. The second is Integration and the third is the Coral Angel. Simply bathe and spray whilst keeping your journal and you will enjoy expansion, abundance and self- compassion like you have never experienced it before.

Start by leaving a few comments below about what makes you unique and loveable…