Mercury’s mischief is almost through, and we have a HUGE announcement for you…

Has the trickster planet been having its wicked way with you these past three weeks? Has Mercury Retrograde been scrambling signals in your corner of the world too? Sending emails awry, causing tech breakdowns and diverting your best-laid travel plans?

Well, friend, you’re not alone!

It’s been a rough ride for us too, but the good news is, it’s almost over! Here at we’re well-practiced in navigating these planetary playbacks, which is why we’re waiting until March 28th – the very day that Mercury stations direct – to make a very special announcement. After all, we can’t have you missing the magic we have planned for you.

Keep your eyes on your inbox. March 28th’s announcement kicks off our favorite time of year here at Numerologist…

It’s Back! April is Angel Month!

We’ll be dedicating the entire month of April to these incredible winged warriors of light, and boy, do we need them! So get ready, because for the whole of April, you’ll be receiving all the divine guidance and wisdom your guardian angels want you to hear… but has been stuck fast in Mercury’s backspin. For the full 30 days, we’ll be your resource and pathfinder through the high-frequency energies coming your way, helping you to gracefully rise back up into the life you truly desire, so you can welcome in more joy, abundance, and love than you ever thought possible.

Here are a couple of things to take note of, that make this year’s Angel month extra powerful…

  1. Mercury stations direct on March 28th, just days before Angel Month begins, easing up on confusion and giving us all an extra burst of cosmic energy. Stay tuned for a very special announcement…
  2. April 2019 is a “7” Universal Month (4+2+0+1+9=16; 1+6=7), the number of higher wisdom, learning and spiritual evolution – all gifts your Angels’ offer you on a daily basis, if you know how to listen!

While we wait patiently for Mercury Retrograde to run its course…

We wanted to introduce you to the Universe’s 4 most powerful Archangels. These celestial messengers are always in your corner, waiting in the wings to guide and support you in the times you need it most.

But, how do you know when these divine beings are trying to reach you? Since their messages are subtle and non-verbal, they can be tricky to decode. That’s why we created this quick video guide to help you spot the hidden signs your Angels are leaving for you every single day. Watch the short video below and make sure you stay till the end for a clue about our surprise announcement on March 28th!


What Angel signs have you noticed lately? Share your stories below!

Then, keep your eyes on your inbox. You won’t want to miss our March 28th announcement…

About The Numerologist Team

Numerology nerds passionate about personal growth and spirituality! We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers, and tech wizards who have come together to bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound wisdom available in the world.

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