SAY GOODBYE to old energies - CopyAs the year comes to an end I find myself in a place of letting go and releasing. I consider the Year’s end, and the onset of winter, a time of parting. We lay to rest the things that no longer serve us. This makes space for the dormant magic within to spring to life, and create beautify everywhere.

Naturally you will say goodbye to many things as the year closes, and grow wide-eyed with excitement as you anticipate the New Year and all those resolutions that you’ve been adding to the list.

Before you plan your resolutions I suggest working on releasing the old. Before one thing can manifest in your life, another thing has to be released. Much like composting scraps to become rich fertilizer for a new harvest. Manifesting dreams is the act of moving into your personal flow, and moving into your flow must be met with intention and action.

So let me ask the big questions now:

  • What are you ready to let go of as the year comes to a close?
  • What have you been struggling with or against?
  • What no longer serves you in your life?
  • What has been robbing your energy and disempowering you?

These can be hard questions to answer. You are being called to be honest, open and vulnerable. I like to remind myself that good intentions are not enough to make dreams come true. Intentions must be propelled forward by action and attention. Sometimes our best wishes are actually driven by fear, or become nothing more than painful longing.

Maybe you’ve found yourself dreaming on something big in your life. Waiting and working for that big thing to manifest with no luck. A few things could be at work. You might find that if you go deeper you are not really in agreement with that desire to manifest. If you are longing for a lover, but feel that you cannot trust anyone then your intention is not really in agreement with your actions. Or vice versa.

Other times you might find something doesn’t seem to gel or manifest regardless of how much magic you sprinkle on it. Situations like these are usually inspired by your Higher Self. Your inner wisdom knows that the timing isn’t right, or ripe for the picking. Honor yourself and the wisdom of the Universe. Step into a new intention and begin to flow with experience. You can circle back when the time is right.

A Letter to Let Go

SAY GOODBYE to old energies 2 - CopyWrite a beautiful letter to all the things that you wish to part with. The pain, the upset, the disappointment and the struggle. Write a beautiful letter to those places of resistance. Explain why you have to say goodbye. Express how much you have learned from experiencing their presence. How you are ready to lighten your load and flow into a new expression. You might find yourself becoming angry. There is no need to apologize. Just write out your anger. Anger can be beautiful, too.

When your letter is written, be sure to sign and date it. Then feed it to the flame of a fresh white or black candle. Place the burning letter in a fireproof dish to become nothing but ashes. As the letter is consumed by these cleansing flames feel the release deep within you. Let the energetic patterns of resistance fade into the ashes.

Give yourself time to just be. With eyes closed, and rhythmic breathing go deeper into your feelings of surrender. You are parting with the old patterns and making space for new energy and magic to come alive. Speak out loud about how you feel now. Name the sensations of surrender. Cry if you need to. However these energies need to part… just honor them.

You can discard the ashes outside to be taken by the wind, becoming part of the great cycles of nature. Or simply place them in the toilet and flush them down…. Getting rid of the waste!

Affirm: I release deeply held resistance within my body, mind, heart and spirit. I part with what no longer serves me, and make space for only good magic to grow.

If you are called, create a new letter, or invitation to those new intentions you wish to grow in the New Year. You might simply write out a reminder that you are open to all good and empowering possibilities the Universe is offering. Always be in a place of discovery… that’s where all the good comes from.

Keep this reminder somewhere easily accessible to be read over often. Your invitation becomes a mantra and a talisman of empowerment for your life, and your unfolding path.

Crystal Magic for Change

Work with these crystals to help you surrender, say goodbye and open to the possibility of the New Year.

Citrine is a wonderful stone to open your pathway. Working with citrine incites possibility, positive energy and opportunity into your life. Citrine is like a guiding light attracting more good, abundance and magic to your experience.

Apache Tears offer a place to lie to rest any resistance, pain, grief or fear that crops up in the coming months. I consider this stone an energetic black hole absorbing negativity and sending it into the Universal mire to be regenerated.

Lastly, amethyst is one of my favorite stones to help guard and protect me from unwanted energies. Working with amethyst will awaken your intuition and help you experience clarity, or clear vision on the roads ahead.

Hold these three stones in your palms. Feel their spirits awaken and touching your own essence. With respect and gratitude ask them to guide, guard and assist you on your journey. Breathe into your palms three times to warm the stones, and mingle your energies together. Then express how you’d like their help.

I keep my stones tucked under my pillow while I sleep. In this way their energy works on your during the receptive hours of sleep. I also carry them in a pouch throughout the day, sometimes taking them out and holding them. Other times just placing attention on their presence. Let spirit move you!

I encourage you to treat yourself to some healing work. Self-care is always an essential act of kindness and compassion. A massage or bodywork will release tension held in your body, and energy centers. Reiki always realigns and refines your vibration. And, as the year comes to an end, consider consulting a spiritual worker or intuitive to see what energies are at work for the New Year.

Be well my friends, and spread lots of love to others, and yourself!

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:

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