moving on with lifePinAs I write this I am surrounded by boxes waiting to be moved to my new apartment at end of the week.

Moving is a big deal! It takes a lot of organization, time, attention and physical effort; and, once I move, I plan to just collapse on the couch for a few days until I feel like getting up again!

All this moving prep has me thinking about other moves I’ve made in my life, especially the ones I’ve made in my career.

Do you know when it is time to move on?

Years ago I was in a job in which I was deeply unhappy. Even so I made no effort to leave, not until my boss accused me of lying about a task I had completed. I was so infuriated that I walked out at lunchtime and across the street to an employment agency and was sent on an interview that very afternoon.

The interesting part of this story is that the interview turned out to be for a company where I spent the next twenty years of my career – twenty years in which I got to travel the world and have amazing experiences.

The hurtful accusation that forced me out the door sent me to exactly the right place.

I’m thinking there was a Divine plan at work and I am so grateful that the painful event happened in order for me to get to where I needed to be.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever gone through something painful or disappointing only to find out that you ended up in a better place than you were before?

That is the way Divine Love works. So if you find yourself pushing to make something happen or clinging to a situation you don’t want, know that you are being prodded to move on. I knew for months that I didn’t want to stay in the job I was in and could have acted much sooner. Fortunately I was given the impetus to act in a way that I couldn’t ignore.

But you don’t have to wait for that to happen.

The lesson for me and for you is to know when to move on and to trust that you can do so and be okay.

I had a similar lesson as an entrepreneur. I was being given signs that I needed to stop managing and administering a business and work on my writing.

Of course, I ignored those signs so caught up was I in the day-to-day work of my business.

I moved on from that career path when the landlord of the business park in which I rented space sold my rental space out from under me. In one week I went from having a business to having no place to work.

This was the more difficult change for me because I had been ignoring the signs for almost two years and had plenty of advance notice that it was time for me to change. If I had acted on those signs I would not have suffered the financial losses I incurred because of the way the business ended.

As an entrepreneur it can be difficult to admit your business idea isn’t going to work long-term for you. It can be hard to give it up even when, like me, you are being given all the signs that it is time to shift.

Just like in my earlier example the lesson is to act on the knowledge that it is time to let go and TRUST that you will be okay.

So as you think about moving on in your life in ways large and small, here is what I suggest.

3 Ways To Deal With Moving On:

  • At least every quarter, check in with yourself to see if you are fulfilled in what you are doing whether working for yourself or someone else. If not, it is time to either change the situation for the better or it is time to move on.
  • Notice the signs around you that indicate whether you should stay or go. When you are in the flow of life things come easily. If you find you are always pushing to make things happen then it is time to allow yourself to be moved in another direction. Just trust that the new direction will be higher and better than whatever it is you are releasing.
  • Trust, Trust, Trust. Working with Divine Love requires your trust. Remember you are not alone. You are surrounded by a team of supporters – your angels and guides – standing by to help you make the necessary transitions in life.

As I move my home this week I will be looking forward to this new phase of my life. I already have a feeling I am in for some good experiences. So I have created a couple of affirmations that I offer to you as well.

I am ALWAYS in exactly the right place at exactly the right time
for my highest good and the highest good of all.

I trust the process and flow of my life.

That’s it! My new moving-on mantras!

Blessings to each of you on the moves and transitions in your life.