dealing with inner competitorPinWhen I was little I used to be very concerned with getting my fair slice of the pie. As a child it was actual pie! And when my mother would cut a slice for my sister I would be insistent that she cut exactly the same size slice for me.

Inherent in you (and me) is the fundamental need for fairness and equity; and, in some way, that need is satisfied in the very experience of life.

What do I mean by that?

Well . . . you have known struggle; have known the feeling of loss; have known the feeling of something you want so close yet not grasped; have known the joy of surprising yourself with more than you thought you had in you; have known the celebration of accomplishment; have felt the love, approval and appreciation of others; have realized no one does it alone; have been inspired to moments of magnificence; have experienced the burden of responsibility when something you’ve done causes distress to others.

In other words you share with me and everyone else all the ups and downs of this process called life.

These experiences remind you that you are part of a larger human family, one that is learning how to work with the seemingly opposing energies of competition and cooperation.

“Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization.” – Peter Kropotkin, Russian activist, scientist and philosopher.

Which of these forces do you focus on in your career? Are you competing with others to rise to the top or are you collaborating (cooperating) to create your successful career.

Competition, especially at work, can cement the idea that resources are scarce and must be won and held at all costs. But that philosophy comes at a price and that price is usually ease and peace of mind.

The universe and our planet are amazing examples of a dance of cooperation so intricate and so multi-leveled that it can take your breath away. Everything moves in step with everything else.

You are part of this dance of thought, emotion, energy and vision that continues to create the future – for you and for all.

Competition when used to help you strive for your best is your ally. The only competition truly is the one within the self. It is only when the desire to ‘best’ another takes precedence that the negative effects of competition take hold.

dealing with unfair competitionPinSo, it’s time to have a chat with your inner competitor!

Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up for you:

  1. Where are you entrenched in battle in your life?
  2. How did you get there and what is the cost?
  3. How often do you ask others for help – one of the building blocks of cooperation?
  4. What do you put out in terms of your thoughts, feelings and energy – are you sending out hope, gratitude and understanding or something else?
  5. What do you believe about yourself and your world?

Remember, that all the really big battles are the ones you fight within yourself.

You are on a journey of self-growth, healing and self-realization. And all those battles on the outside are just mirrors to the big one going on within.

And the goal is always the same – self-acceptance, self-responsibility and ultimately self-love.

Time to form TEAM YOU!

To build that team, find a mentor either in your organization or outside. Your mentor should be someone who has been where you are now and who can offer you the value of their experience. Your mentor should be someone who will celebrate your successes with you and guide you through the missteps.

Find what is positive in your co-workers, employees, partners and bosses. Life is perception so begin to perceive that others are vested in your success.

Getting along with others is the essence of getting ahead, success being linked with cooperation.” – Author William Feather, The Business of Life

You are an amazing being made of star-stuff and light – without equal – so put competition with others aside and allow your unique gifts to flow out into the world.

Remember – there is always more pie. ☺

Here’s to TEAM YOU!!