The world is in a place of big changes, and change is always met with uncertainty. The gift of uncertainty is always potential. I remind myself of this magical gift when I am met with fear and trepidation of what lies ahead. I always know that there is so much power in the present moment.

A feeling of unrest and upheaval is permeating the streets, our lives and our very being. This is a powerful shift of perspective, and on a personal level, an invitation to gather power and voice. Regardless of your political stance, it is certain that you are feeling the strain of what is happening right now. But do not lose hope and heart because the path ahead is rich with possibility.

I keep asking myself in my most personal prayers and meditations how can I be a light in the world, and a voice for change?

The wisdom that keeps coming to me is to practice living my highest intentions. It has been said so many times that actions speak louder than words, and now more than ever that is true. Within that very statement is the secret to a life of magic and manifestation.

push through uncertainty with love and care

1. Intention must always be met with action!

As you move deeper into the place of change remember to give yourself time for self-care and compassion. Find moments throughout your day to be with your thoughts, your feelings and your breath. Breathing is a sacred act that helps us go deeper into our core, to cut through the external noise and to become aware of intuitive impressions that seek release and acknowledgment.

2. Shine a Light on What Hurts

Take a few minutes in the morning to go deeper into your breathing. Inhale good vibration, feeling the pulse of the Universe working through your body, deep into your mind, and awakening your spirit. As you exhale release any resistance, blocks and tension.

When you are met with uncertainty, when resistance rears up his ugly head you might wish to retreat. But a gift has been given to you… resistance is like illness; it is a reminder that something is wrong. You have found a clue that something has been left unacknowledged or untended to.

  • Where do you feel resistance as you go deeper into your breathing?
  • Do you feel it in a certain location in your body?
  • Is resistance lodged somewhere deep in your spirit?

Notice what this brings up for you. Follow it like a thread leading you deeper. Is there a thought, a feeling, or a memory attached to this?

If you shine a light on what hurts then you give it voice, if you give it voice you gift it with a chance to fall away.

3. Voices are Wings

As our uncertainty looms, shadows grow longer the more silent we become in our lives. This has proven to be true in the unrest of the world. More than ever people are in need of expressing the very things that weigh heavy on their hearts. Personally I retreat to my journal when I am in the dark. I let my voice come to life on the page so that I can unravel all the thoughts and feelings that are knotted up inside.

Find some time to get things out on the page. Even if you do not fancy yourself a writer, remember this is for you only. You can write down whatever you’d like, in whatever way feels appropriate. Long paragraphs, short bullet points, poetry or quotes from other people are all ways to voice what you are feeling.

Take a stream of consciousness approach. Put pen to paper and write about where you are in this very moment. What do you see? What do you here? What are you surrounded by? Slip deeper within. What do you feel? What weighs on you? What do you feel burdened by? What do you feel grateful for?

If you can, commit to a few pages of journaling a day so much magic will happen in your life. You get things out of your head, off of your heart and into a safe, manageable place. Before you realize it you will have clarity, compassion and a strong voice!

4. Begin to ask yourself… how can I take my voice out into the world?

What are some actions you can take in your own life to begin living what you truly wish to see, experience and change in the world? Asking the question is sometimes enough to inspire change in your own life. Like a small light you will grow brighter until you ignite the fire of others around you.

I have found that living my intrinsic truth is the most profound message I can give to the world. It is not always an easy task, and each one of us will need times of retreat. Gather and replenish you strength in these moments… then keep going!

push through anxiety with love for yourself

5. Acknowledge the Cracks

Feeling broken, confused or uncertain can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Most of us shy away from those feelings, afraid that we are defeated and no one will understand. However, every single person in the world has felt this way. The only way out of the dark is through it.

Be open to yourself and you will find healing, answers and empowerment. At the same time be willing to admit when you are wrong, or you’ve changed your point of voice. It only takes one bit of truth, a little tilt to one side to see the whole world differently.

Through everything that has been taking place politically, I have seen the goodness and empathy in people step forward. By sharing my feelings and perspective, and holding space for others to do the same, my world has grown much bigger.

Today you are much different than you were yesterday, so ask the brave question… what do I know now? How am I different now? Can I accept these changes? Why or why not?

You have the power to move through your uncertainty! Gather your strength, give yourself love and compassion, and be brave and curious. Go into the world. If you cannot do it for yourself, you’ll never be able to do it for anyone else.

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About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:

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