prayer beads talismanSpirit is reaching down to you, offering up crystal visions and gifts of abundance. Held within the splendor of the sky is a mystical world of untapped potential. Treasures of every color glow and sparkle brightly, ready to be fashioned into charms, amulets and inspired art. Release your prayers of longing, open your eyes and reach for the magic right there for the taking.

Self-care and compassion are cultivated when we shine healing light on our bodies, minds and spirits. The world can become a numbing buzz of people, sounds, debts and responsibilities. Release the attachment to them within the river of the Creative Unknown and turn your attention to honoring yourself… The unique, ultra sexy, truly mystical creature you are!

First Gratitude: Finding Lanterns of Gratitude to Illuminate the Dark

When I am feeling lackluster and stagnant I look around me and first count my blessings. Looking for lanterns of gratitude in your life allows the dark spaces to be illuminated. Drawing your attention closer to light and goodness, shift and adjust the focus of your mystical-eye. Clarity comes and a buoyant, abundant world appears before you.

To slip into this place of surrender, release and ultimately attraction, I like to do some inner work. Spending time in reflection helps to clear away the block, unclog your “receptors” and begin the lyrical process of spiritual healing.

I ask myself these profound questions:

  • Am I cultivating joy, exuberance and well-being with my thoughts, actions, words and feelings?
  • Am I telling my authentic story fully, and freely?
  • Am I holding onto something I no longer need?
  • Am I really seeing the beautiful things in my life?

Be with those questions for a moment. Answer them honestly and they become an invocation of truth and healing. You become aware of the soft-spots in your life that need attention. Detoxing, releasing and mending these areas will call back your power, defragment the soul, and magnify your positive intentions. And nothing is more alluring than intentional living.

Sifting Through the Sea of Spirit

Continue to honor yourself with honest reflection. Arms wide open, stance strong, alert and heart pouring forth… Let yourself be in receptive, fertile space. Become inquisitive like a child. You are discovering inspiration in forgotten areas of your life. Uncovering dreams and hidden pathways never seen before. Artistic expression in the broad sense is the deepest soul work.

Become a wide, fine net of gossamer light. Cast yourself into the Aethers exploring her wonder. Sifting through the sea of Spirit where you can collect interesting, beautiful things. Empower yourself with the spirit of self-discovery and explore the world around you. Satiate your hunger for wants and need be drinking in the colors of everything around you.

Experiences become ornate beads of the most rare, and exquisite gems. Collect them, gather them, and explore them. Let light cascade through their diaphanous interior showing you worlds, colors and rainbows never before seen.

Be in your place of sensitive, creative reception… And explore the spirit of these gems of experience. They whisper stories to you. They imbue you with subtle energy. They move you to delight and wonder. A mystical communion begins. Rather than long for more, you discover more. Your life becomes filled with metaphorical talismans granting good fortune, opportunities, healing and favor.

rudraksha beads talisman1. Gather Supplies For Your Talisman

Create a talisman from stones, beads, trinkets and treasures. Let this physical piece of jewelry be a reminder of the creative potential in the Universe, the power of your experience and the magic of focused intention. Your talisman, however it comes to life, is an offering to Spirit, and your own heart summoning into your Dream Circle the things that truly nourish you.

Gather together things you can become inspired by to create a unique piece of wearable art. This could be a bracelet, necklace, or even a keychain. Whatever calls to you, and permits you to see it and touch it often. Remember, talismans work because they become a part of our energetic story.

I prefer natural gemstones. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I choose stones that are small, easy to roll between my fingers, and come in round and slightly faceted shapes. I also use natural cotton cord that I twisted and strong for daily use.

Gather your stones, beads and trinkets based on the feeling the evoke. You are capturing an intention, a prayer of healing and empowerment. You can choose colors that make you sing, or stones that generate a useful energy. Opalite is one of my favorite stones to create jewelry with. Play with combinations of stones and beads, or choose one style and stick with it. Let your inner visionary come through!

2. Setting Your Intention & Sacred Space

After gathering my supplies I let them speak to me. See how they want to come to life. Maybe I will draw out a little sketch off my idea. Most of the time I make a simple set of Mala prayer beads. Sacred beads for prayer and mindfulness meditation. 108 on a strand, with a Guru stone (larger distinct bead to signify the beginning and end of the practice of going around the strand) joining both ends together and typically a tassel.

I gather my supplies, and any other tools I might need (scissors, needles, bowls, etc) on a tray. I will light a candle to illuminate my session with nourishing energy.

Then I create sacred space by burning a sage bundle. Wafting smoke around myself, my supplies and my work space.

I will repeat an affirmation, such as:

I gather here for the goodness and healing of my soul. To awaken my sacred connection with Spirit. I allow my creative self to emerge and fashion a beautiful talisman of attraction. This will embody the prayers, intentions and healing experiences of my life. Keeping them close to my body, and heart.

gemstones talisman3. Start Creating Your Talisman

Now the fun begins! Start creating. Stringing beads. Tying knots. Adding charms and trinkets. Letting the creation become whatever feels right. As you add things to your talisman keep your affirmation humming in your head and heart. You are infusing your talisman with the essence of your affirmation.

If you need to take a break from creating then do so. Especially if you find yourself getting frustrated. You want your talisman to hold the pure, concentrated intention of your affirmation. You are weaving wonders and magic. Embodying the collective experiences of inspiration in your life.

When you are finished with your creation, hold it reverently in your hands. Fill yourself with light, and gratitude and appreciation for the crystals of inspiration the Universe has given you. Call on your Spirit Circle and your ancestors who created you. Ask for their protection and guidance. Infuse the talisman with all the feeling you can muster. Repeat your affirmation again. Then blow into the talisman three times.

Now your talisman is alive with enchanted magnetism. Wear it proudly. Wear it often. Let it remind you of the goodness found in your life. Your talisman will become a key, unlocking and attracting more opportunities and experiences of creative expression and healing.

You can make these talismans for others in your life. Whoever you feel is in need of healing, inspiration or a reminder of their beauty. Make them something that reflects the love and compassion you feel for them. Open yourself to intuition as she heralds in imaginative ideas and inspiration. Follow the process and infuse the talisman with your affirmation. Then gift it freely knowing it will serve that person well.

Your Life is your Prayer

Never stop being in that place of infinite wonder. Your life is your prayer and your sacred expression. When you find yourself dense, heavy and stuck in place… Go back to the beginning, ask those profound questions, and honor the process of truth and purging. Then the space will open for healing and inspiration to take root.

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:

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