how to honor the earthPinYou walk on her skin.
You wash in her tears.
You burn up her blood.
And she lets you.

She lets us all carry on, she allows us to take what we want, use what we like and leave a trail of destruction and waste falling behind us. She’s waiting patiently for us to learn another way: another way of behaving and building and creating that will nourish, instead of desecrate.

And will we?

We are children of the Earth

We are stewards of this planet and its bounty.
If we don’t take care of her, there is nobody else who will.

Taurus : Sign of the Earth

This Weekend Full Supermoon falls in Taurus, the sign of the zodiac which aligns with fixed earth. It’s the sign that most closely matches the enduring, generous and bounteous constancy of our planet.

This Full Supermoon in Taurus will bring the textures, the sounds and all of the wondrous flavors of our Earth strongly into our conscious awareness. We will be quietly encouraged to savor, to protect and sustain these pleasures for others who will come after us to enjoy too.

It’s a Full Moon of perseverance, preservation and devotion.

Taurus : Sign of magnetism and abundance

The Lunar/Taurean energy beamed down to Earth at this time will be strong and it will be magnetic, so whatever you DO with it, will create more of the same. The luminous, lunar energy will be just begging to be anchored into the Earth, with some seriously positive and nurturing intent, and what better way to do this, than with some deep Earth-honoring practices?

What can you actually DO to honour the Earth?

Here are my top 10 simple, but oh-so-powerful tools for honoring and protecting the Earth and the Divine Mother Consciousness, that we all belong to, during this Full Supermoon in Taurus!


Find a neglected piece of nature (part of a local park, a tree you like, a small strip of beach, an area of wasteland, for eg.) and act on its behalf. Devote yourself to making it better. Clean up any litter or waste around it, sow seeds or clear weeds, and petition the local authorities over any issues which are likely to affect it.

2.Make an Earth Altar

Gather small natural objects (fallen leaves, sticks, pine cones, pebbles, feathers) and arrange them beautifully outside in nature, as an offering to the Earth. When we create mandalas or sacred geometric forms on the ground, we’re creating points of power and appreciation and the Earth can literally feel, and absorb this into her own energetic field.

3.Boundary Walk

Walk the perimeter of your home, work place, school, or wherever you spend a lot of your time. Savor the experience, imagining it were the very first time you’d been there (and perhaps it is!) What do you see, hear, smell, taste and feel? Be overcome by the sensory pleasure of the edges of your space.

4.Consciously Connect to Gaia

Our relationship to the Earth is a two-way thing, and the channels of communication need to be nurtured, so slow down and listen to what she’s trying to tell you. Remember, we aren’t the ones with the answers, and we don’t have to try to be. Part of embracing the Divine Feminine, is to understand that the solutions to many of our planet’s (human) problems will come from the Earth herself, so be still, and listen.

5.Make a Promise

For one lunar cycle (from this Full Moon to the next Full Moon) commit to making one change in your daily life which will have a positive ecological impact.

Some things you could do are:

  • Refuse all disposable plastic bags.
  • Walk, cycle or share a lift to work instead of driving alone.
  • (If you must drive) slow down. Driving at 50mph uses 25% less fuel than driving at 70mph.
  • Buy only local fruit and veggies.
  • Ditch bottled water – invest in a filter and drink tap water instead.
  • Line dry your clothes instead of tumble drying.
  • Carry your own mug for coffee, instead of using a disposable take-out cup.

This list could be endless…! Chose one thing which will challenge, but not defeat you!

6.Plant a tree

YES you can actually go out and do this!

7.Go vegan (for the day, the week or perhaps the whole cycle?!)

The resources used to raise livestock for meat and dairy products are disproportionately huge compared to simply growing plants for food. Choosing the vegan option is simply one of the most effective ways to honor the Earth and her resources.

8.Litter Pick

Grab some gloves and rubbish sacks and go pick up the debris scattered around your environment. You may be able to find an organized litter pick to join in with, or simply walk up and down your street next Saturday morning, gathering up the bits and pieces which don’t belong.

9.Create a Cleaner Home

Go through your cupboards and clear out any toxic, petro-based chemical cleaning products. With so many plant-based, biodegradable and trace-free options out there, it has become really easy to keep your home clean and fresh, and respect our Earth and her ecology.

10.Create Community

Talk to others about what you’re doing. Share your concerns, but also your solutions. Create community around your actions and allow yourself to be a visible and vocal inspiration. The positive impact of your efforts will be hugely amplified as soon as you gather your kin around you and begin working together!

Start HERE!!

We would love to hear your Earth honoring practices, and how you’re using the Taurus Full Moon to magnetize a brighter future.
Share your magic with the community by commenting below! 


Image courtesy of Severiano via DeviantArt.