With the Solstice only just passed, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re still enjoying the sweetness of long, balmy summer days… which are rapidly diminishing before our very eyes!

Yup, Summer doesn’t last forever, however much you’d love it to. SO before it slips away completely, running between your fingers like the sand on that beach you wish-you-were-on-right-now, let’s take a look at a few of those things that make summer “summer”. Because they’re not all the same. One person’s strawberry ice cream sundae is another person’s sticky mess. And your Life Path Number can be mighty revealing when it comes to deciding whether it’s hanging in a hammock under the apple trees, or crushing it in a waterpark with the kids, that’ll float your summer boat.

Wondering what your Life Path Number is? Simply use the free numerology calculator below:

Now read on, and then tell us if we got it right…!

Life Path 1: Have a water fight!

Always on the lookout for a battle to win and an opponent to beat, summer’s not summer for you, Life Path 1, without at least one epic water fight.

So make a date with your crew and make sure you’re prepped to the nines. You’ll need your super-soakers fully loaded, the sprinkler on, and buckets at the ready. Extra points for water balloons strategically placed around your backyard. This is war. And you intend to emerge victorious!

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Life Path 2: Pull an all-nighter under the stars with your BFF

What’s summer without at least one night spent under the stars, chatting endlessly to your bestie?

The upcycling trend breaking Pinterest at the moment involves transforming your old trampoline into your very own swinging bed. (Yup – seriously!) Which we say is just perfect for laying back and gazing skyward, as the Moon rises and the Sun sinks low. So set that fizz on ice, and let’s kick back…

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Life Path 3: Express Yourself at a Festival!

Whether it’s fabulous face paint, a corking DIY costume, or an impromptu rendition of your fave stand up slam poetry, you, Life Path 3, need a festival to let it loose. And by “it” I mean you.

Make sure you spend – at the very least – one weekend this summer at a festival. These places of dreams and fantasy are truly healing for folks like you – to let your authenticity shine, so grab a tent, your bike and the bare essentials for a cool weekend of summertime freedom. You only live once!

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Life Path 4: Go Camping!

Well resourced and living with your wits in the great outdoors is one place you truly thrive, Life Path 4. (Not so sure? You’re organized, super-practical and always prepared! You’ve got all the gear, AND every idea!)

So grab that hiking map and lace up your boots. There’s outdoor survival fun to be had and you’re the person to do it – trust me. This is your niche.

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Life Path 5: Dive into a swimming hole…

Just the right side of adventurous, wild swimming’s what will take your summer fun up to the next level, Life Path 5. The great outdoors always beckons you more than most, and at this time of year, full emersion is what you need.

Bring the whole family, and maybe you’ll make a few friends whilst you’re out. Pack a picnic, your swim kit and head off for the day (or if you’re real freedom-seeker, try skinny dipping! Go on, we dare you!

Check out wildswim.com for natural pool and stream locations all around the world.

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Life Path 6: Make JAM!

…Or ice cream, or popsicles or (my personal fave) Frosé. (Head HERE if you wanna find out more!)

For you, Life Path 6, summer fun has everything to do with a little light kitchen witchery. Only YOU are capable of whipping up such special summertime treats that SO epitomize the season.

As well as keeping the rest of us cool – thanks homemade icecream – Preserving your favorite fruits in jars means we get to enjoy them long after our tans have faded.

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Life Path 7: Demolish the top 10 bestsellers!

What else are those endless summer days for, than sinking into a good book?

Maybe you’re working through that pile of trashy romance novels on your bedside table? Or finally attacking that award-winning hardback biography you purchased back in February? Whatever the subject matter, you, Life Path 7, love nothing more than taking yourself off to the local park for a whole afternoon of getting submerged in a damn good book. Amen to that.

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Life Path 8: Go Glamping!

Why slum it, when there’s an adventure to be had with all the modern trappings of comfort!?

Even music festivals have their own glamping fields these days. So you, Life Path 8, can still have fun getting back to nature. (And who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh grass beneath their toes in the morning) But we know you’ll happily skip the cramping style! Living is up with a little luxury – but not too much, let’s keep it real – equals summery fun for you!

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Life Path 9: Volunteer!

Litter Pick. Beach clean… or why not travel overseas, combining a summer vacation with a cause you believe in? There are plenty of opportunities out there, to give something back. Giving your time and skills for free is a great way for you, Life Path 9, to keep your conscience in the clear whilst still having a fun-filled summer.

Check out your local listings for ways to help those in need in your local area, or search on sights such as:

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Life Path 11: Spend the day on a boat!

Not only is water so incredibly healing (not to mention handy for cooling down on hot summers days – we’re talking physically and emotionally) – it’s also one of the most fun things you can find to do!

Take a road trip out to the ocean, lakes or your closest body of water. Hire a kayak, a canoe, and paddle your way out to freedom! Or if you’re a little less energetic, borrow a little motorboat and go explore! Be sure to stay safe (obvs) and let the magic of the water overtake you…

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Life Path 22: Organize a Street Party!

Who better, to make happen the one thing we all want most – fun and community combined! Of all the free things to do this season, street parties rule. For kids, elders, and everyone in between, get out the bunting and get together!

But someone needs to make it happen. (This isn’t about doing it all yourself – get delegating! A simple barbeque, or go the whole way with fireworks!

It may seem like a lot to manage, but boy will it be worth it (and you’re up to the job!)

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Life Path 33: Watch an Outdoor Movie!

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a local cinema society that hosts screenings outdoors in the long summer months? If not, then hosting one of your own, in your backyard, is a tip-top activity for the season!

String up a sheet, borrow a projector and show one of the amazing indie films out this year. From Time of the Sixth Sun, to We the Uncivilised…There are a plethora of fantastic, activating and inspiring films out there that deserve exposure.

And who knows, you could create a ripple effect of quiet (or not so quiet) activism too…

SO… did we get it right?

Share your Life Path with us in the comments below, and your number one summer essential activity. What will you be up to before September hits?

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About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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