Numerology is so multifaceted…

Your personal numerology chart tells you a lot about your life, your destiny and your purpose.

The Universal Numerology of a day, month or year reveals trials and tribulations for the collective.

But what about when they’re combined?

Your Personal Month

In Numerology, your Personal Month gives you a good indication of the specific themes, challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in any given month.


To calculate your Personal Month Number, you simply need to add your Personal Year Number to the current month number. Your Personal Year number is just your day and month of birth added to the current year number.

If you were born on June 23, your Personal Year in 2021 is 7



Back to the Personal Month number: 

Simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for March is 3), reduce if necessary. And voila, you have calculated your Personal Month number.

So, someone with a birthday of June 23 would add the current month number to 7 (Personal Year Number) and get their Personal Month Number as 8 for January 2021, 9 for February 2021, 1 for March 2021 etc.

Below, we reveal the specific challenges and triumphs you’ll experience in each month of 2021.

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If July is a personal 7 month for you

The number 7 is the wisdom seeker, so during this month, you must look beyond the surface, peek behind the curtain and ask the deep questions. This month, you won’t be satisfied with taking things on face value. You’ll want to dig deeper and do the research yourself. You’ll engage your logical and analytical brain, rather than your emotional one in your pursuit of the truth.

That said, the 7 is still highly spiritual and intuitive in spite of its logical approach to life. And that’s an uncommon trait that you must exploit. The ability to use both your conscious and subconscious to make decisions and guide you through the month is something that you should absolutely take advantage of.

This month, let curiosity be your guide. Let it guide you to the answers. Follow it to the truth.

Personal Month #7 + #3 Universal Month

July 2021 is a #3 Universal Month, so you must look at your Personal Month combined with this.

When your Personal Month number 7 combines with a number 3 Universal Month, it symbolizes the wisdom you seek is hidden in your own personal truth. The number 3 is all about self-expression and creativity, meaning that, if you want to access the answers you seek, you must express yourself and share your authentic truth. You already hold the answers, you just need to unlock them.

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Future Months of 2021

If August is a personal 7 month for you

Expect your health to take a nosedive. Because of this, it is necessary to be cautious about your well-being. Try to live a stress-free life by relaxing from time to time, especially when things are getting hectic in the workplace. It would help if you had a balanced diet and daily routine to steer clear of health problems. This month will prove positive for career-oriented people. You will get the support of your peers and colleagues, which will resolve your workplace problems. This month will also be a fortune for people in business since you will be able to expand your operations and develop a positive word-of-mouth reputation.

If September is a personal 7 month for you

People who are focused on their careers will get positive results this month. You will be working hard from the beginning of the month and pursue all your tasks with enthusiasm and fresh energy. Because of this, you will be reaping the fruits of your labor by the end of the month. You will likely succeed in everything you undertake. You might be having a promotion and salary increase at some point during the month.

If October is a personal month 7 for you

This is a highly spiritual month, which is hugely encouraging for students of esoteric subjects. However, it would help if you were prepared to test your beliefs and theories since they will be put to the test. It is crucial to be certain of your truth, so you can be sure that it can survive anything. For owners of businesses, be cautious with your decisions since the month’s vibrations are a little weak when it comes to finances. You will be able to survive the downturn if you apply logic in your plans and decision-making.

If November is a personal month 7 for you

People who are in a marital relationship will have to expect rough roads ahead. However, expect these little misunderstandings to add sizzle to your relationship. In the end, you will be spending your time happily together. After the storm, expect the attraction between you and your significant other to increase. You might want to take long trips with your influential other or close friends if you’re single. Expect your family life to be incredible as well since your family members will treat you affectionately. However, it is crucial to take some time for yourself and fill your cup.

If December is a personal 7 month for you

If you are a career-oriented person, you will need to invest more time and energy to succeed. Fortunately, the month will provide you with the power to win it all! It is also possible that you will have successes in any training or learning you undertake. This month will also be fantastic for romantic couples. However, the best thing you can do this month is to finally say your I do’s, especially if you have been in a committed relationship for a long time and remain unmarried.

Past Months of 2021

If January is a personal month 7 for you

For students of esoteric subjects, this month will be perfect for you. You will succeed in your learning; however, you need to be prepared to test your theories. Your faith and belief may be put to the test, so it is crucial to work harder in doing your research and validating your truth. People involved in the business will have to act cautiously with their every step since the beginning of the month will prove to be a little weak. It is crucial to steer clear of making investments or financial decisions.

If February is a personal month 7 for you

If you are married, expect some rough roads ahead in your marital life. However, mutual understanding between you and your partner will remain strong. Because of this, you will spend your time happily together. After the storm, expect the romance between you and your significant other to increase. A sense of mutual attraction will sizzle as well. This month, you will take long trips and might even go on a pilgrimage journey. Expect your home life to be excellent, and your family numbers will treat you affectionately. However, make sure to take some time to relax and do self-care.

If March is a personal 7 month for you

If you are invested in your career, you will have to work harder to become successful. There will be plenty of chances for you to succeed in any training or learning you are undertaking. It also proves to be excellent for couples in love. But a few lucky people will be showered with privileges if they marry their beloved this month.

If April is a personal 7 month for you

This promises to be a very romantic month. Expect a few misunderstandings with your significant other, but it will only serve to make your relationship sizzle. Overall, this month will be full of love and affection, and both you and your partner will be very emotional about what is going on between you. The beginning of the month is also favorable for career-oriented people, and during the middle of the month, you will have a strong chance of making headway with your goals and ambitions. It will provide you with good results associated with management, social services, and anything related to public relations.

If May is a personal 7 month for you

There might be turmoil and ups and downs on the home front. The reason is you will be giving less of your time to your family who will complain about your absence. If you are the type of person who is neck-deep in their career, you are probably treating your home merely as a hotel where you visit to eat, sleep, and bathe. It would help if you tried to make an effort to be more involved with your family. Try to improve your relationship with family members by gathering together and spending some quality time conversing and having fun.

If June is a personal 7 month for you

Your family life will remain awesome this month. Expect your family members to take good care of you, which will help you develop a sense of affection and love for them. If you are career-oriented, then this month is going to be very crucial for you. It might present you with challenges such as changing your job or joining a different company, which will provide you with better job satisfaction and financial stability. It can happen during the middle of the month. People who own their businesses will also incur tremendous benefits and succeed in business expansions.


The number 7 is incredible when it comes to spiritual matters. In many cases, it requires a person to thrive in solitude to hear the inner voices and connect with one’s intuition. It is not a good month to find a romantic partner, but if you are already in a relationship, it is significant to take things to the next level!