22 master numberAre you a master number life path or do you know one? Any master number within your chart, or that show up in your life somewhere are important. Perhaps you have a master number in your core numbers, found from your name analysis, or maybe you have lived within a master number property. These master numbers have been found largely within my life, and have created great areas for personal growth, and so I wanted to write a little about them here.

Numerology is about the energies and lessons from the numbers one through nine; however most numerologists recognise the occurrence of the master numbers, eleven, twenty-two and thirty-three. In some cases only eleven and twenty-two are acknowledged, and in rare instances, practitioners look at number 44 as a master number variation.

Why do some numerologists exclude master numbers altogether?

The importance of numbers one through nine, is, in the number world, like the foundations and structure of the code. Generally speaking, I am pertaining of course to the application of Pythagorean numerology, (how confusing to know that there are even more numerological models, just to complicate things further)! Once you have the code and you understand the language, these basic single digits speak to us about many things such as, ourselves, others, situations, desires, options and so on. When working out a life path number, the way that one adds the birth date is important because it may reveal a master number. Yet some practitioners see no relevance of the numbers 11, 22 or 33, but I do. It’s true that you may walk the line of a number 2, 4 or 6 life path, yet you may not entirely fit the mould of your lower number vibration exactly. Without knowing your master number possibility, you could feel confused, bewildered and out of sorts with your innate vibration and personality.

This is why it’s crucial to look at both your single digit path and the master number opportunity. I call it an opportunity because, it is just that. Not every master number finds themselves able to access, capture, or sustain the chance offered to them in the extra dimension being presented. Equally if we do not uncover the presence of the master number, we may deny the entirety and complexity of the person.

The similarity of Cusps and Master Numbers

Another way of coming to understand this is to compare the master number to the situation of a person born on the Astrological cusp. If we know that a person is born on the day of a star sign change, or in fact, even on the day before or after, we must take into consideration that he or she will be carrying an amalgamation of two signs, despite the fact we will ultimately decide he or she fits in one sign. A cusp often has a somewhat harder time of things because he or she is not as clearly defined. For example a person born on 17th February, will not be your usual intellectually orientated, logical Aquarian, they will be tampered with the dreamy and spiritual stirrings of the Pieces, and likely feel torn in the realm of their decision-making or attitude to things. This is in addition to all the additional markings and placements of the other planets, much like the mixture of core numbers in a numerological chart. However the fundamental make-up of a cusp, or, in this case, a master number, speaks volumes about the complicated path that can lay itself open in the life of such a person. It speaks about the ability to negotiate polarity.

Why are master numbers useful to look at?

There is a type of heightened energy which can be summoned through the master number and where there is more opportunity, there is always more challenge. If you want to opt out of the master number avenue, you could turn your back on it and work the single digit path, yet you may feel something is missing. You may also wish to know why things have seemed somewhat harder for you to negotiate in life, as mostly is the case that a master number person feels more sensitivity and less confidence because they have too much breadth of choice. Your key is to balance the high with the low.


As a number two, you may feel like a wallflower, you wish to be quiet, peaceful and helpful to others, yet the number eleven will request of you the warrior to rise up, get on stage and shine your gifts for more to see. You can see the truth of a situation yet you may doubt your intuition because the number two likes slow growth and sensitivity but as an eleven you can’t help being a striking, psychic catalyst who finds rapid inspiration. This can feel uncomfortable and going to either extreme you may feel alienated. The number two simply wants to feel normal and everyday cooperation with others, but the number eleven feels anything but tranquil, it sparks and ignites the fire of insight and leadership within you.


A number four path, is happy to work behind the scenes, chipping away at something which will build long-lasting security for his or her family, yet the number twenty-two will stretch you to go far beyond the confines of your own home, it will ask you to think of benefiting not only those close to hand, but those further afield. You could be pulled up by your marvellous brain to create revolutionary systems and approaches to make people feel less limited or challenged. Yet this haphazard, unorganised genius is quite unorthodox for the ordered and traditional number four to adapt to.


We know that the number six likes to love, but normally he or she reserves this for the close circuit of family and friends, but as a number thirty-three, you will be offered the chance to demonstrate this deep compassion on a higher platform. As a teacher of affection through joy, your path could touch the hearts of many. Your children will not be constricted to your family; they will be the face of every stranger you meet. Like a number 6, you may like the simple, cosy, close to home pleasures in life but trauma or strife may arise to deepen you and set you up to become a better counsellor to others.

Try these energies out…

If you have lived at a property, or worked in a building with a master number, the energy that you were surrounded by would also be matched to that particular number energy and subsequent lessons / situations deriving from it. Look out for places to visit with these master numbers present and see if you can sense the heightened vibration. The number 11 is very much associated with dynamic, spiritual and light-filled presence, it’s buzzy and uplifting, where as twenty-two has a real solid, powerful sit up and take notice, earthy stance. To be around the thirty-three connection, is like immersing in beauty, playfulness and joy.

Triple numbers are also an avenue for raising the bar. The number 333 is supposedly connected to Christ consciousness, whilst 222 can mean holding steadfast and keeping the faith and I’m sure we mostly all know about the ripple effect of seeing the 11.11.

Is Your Life Path A Master Number?

To check on your life path number, it’s essential to add your birth date up in the three separate columns to correctly decipher if a master number is present.

20th        June      1985

2            6            23

Reduce them down further, unless you have a number 11 or 22, (these are master numbers and always kept and added as the double digit)

2            6            5

Add them up

2     +     6     +     5            =            13

Add the last number to reduce to a single digit, unless in the case of a number 11 or 22

1            +            3            =            4

In this case your life path number is = Number 4!

Example with master number

28th      June                    1966

10          6                          22

1             6                          22

1     +     6           +             22   = 29

2    +      9            =  Number 11


Here is a video with more about the master numbers and famous master number life paths. Enjoy and leave your comments below…

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond MA

Hanna Ehlers – Bond is a psychotherapist and numerologist. She’s helped thousands of people through personal coaching, events and her YouTube channel, to enrich and empower their lives. Utilizing her psychology training, along with a passion for numerology, she’s formed a unique life review model. Along with other holistic tools, this type of road map is used to assist people with self-development and motivation. Hanna also specializes in ME/CFS recovery, after having experienced crippling chronic illness for four years. Find out more at LifePathInspiration.com.

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