Number 1 Personality

You like to portray yourself to others as a great leader or grand master. You desire to be admired for your courage, daring and creative ideas. You want others to perceive you as infallible. Like Icarus however, you often fly so close to the Sun that you take a hard fall. Although you may feel that you are simply being assertive or taking charge, others may perceive you as aggressive, arrogant and even hostile.

Number 2 Personality

You like to portray yourself to others as one who is beyond any negative emotions such as jealousy or hate. It is important for you to look popular and well loved by others. Other are often touched by your kindness and willingness to please others. However some may take advantage of your desire for approval by treating you as a doormat. This is an attempt to provoke you into behaving more like a human and less like a martyr.

Number 3 Personality

You mostly present yourself to others a special or unique person who has great talent. This is true even if you don’t possess any talent. You often dress to impress in the latest trends in order to get people to like you. You will also say provocative things on purpose as starting an argument sometimes gets you the attention you crave. Your blatant attempts at social climbing often make you appear manipulative and shallow to others.

Number 4 Personality

You love to present yourself as a pillar of the community, the rock that other people can come to for advice solace and help. You place a great emphasis on grooming and never leave the house unless you look absolutely perfect. Often you make yourself indispensable to others by running their schedules for them, organizing their affairs and finding solutions to their problems. However behind this mask of confidence lies a very insecure individual who fears rejection if he or she stops being a “helper” to others. Some people also find the 4’s willingness to help to be ingratiating and their consistency to be boring

Number 5 Personality

You portray yourself to other as a freedom loving spirit who is unrestrained by the usual responsibilities. You like to present yourself to others as a seeker of spiritual truth as well as an individual who can make friends in any situation. Some people are very attracted to the way you constantly find short cuts and break the rules and others are irritated by it. Sometimes your holier than thou attitude seems patronizing or contemptuous to people that you meet.

Number 6 Personality

Stability is important to you so you don’t like to deviate much from the societal norm. Number 6’s like to be perceived as hard-working, ethical individuals who value their families above all. It is a 6 that is most likely to lose his or her sense of identity and constantly use whether they have a partner or not as a measure of their self worth. Sometimes others perceive 6’s as unable to stand on their own two feet emotionally. They tend to obsess and become over focused on romances that are long over.

Number 7 Personality

Number 7’s prefer others to perceive them as mystical or wise creatures that may possess secret knowledge. For this reason they tend to say little in social situations and display as little emotion as possible. Many of them are secretive introverts who prefer the company of a good book to a human being. Behind this mask of moral superiority however often lies a powerful fear of rejection. They are afraid of being humiliated or rejected if they should bare their wild thoughts and dreams to another individual.

Number 8 Personality

Number 8’s believe in “faking it ’til they make it”. They love to appear powerful to others, so even if they don’t have a dime in their pocket they will often project a charisma and confidence that is unrivalled by any other person in the room. Resourceful 8’s also know exactly how to flatter and compliment others so that they can get ahead in life. Some people, however, may interpret the manipulations of an 8 to be dishonest, shallow and materialistic.

Number 9 Personality

Number 9’s go to a great deal of trouble to convince others that they are creative or intellectual. The face they present to others is often very eccentric or eclectic as most of them suffer from a bad case of terminal uniqueness. Still others are often very touched by their genuine concern for others. Behind their lofty airs and random acts of kindness is usually a huge ego that is craving the respect of others.

Number 11 Personality Number

Number 11s like to portray themselves to others as shining beacons of wisdom and knowledge. This number presents a persona that appears to know the answers to everything. A secret and childish craving for attention and respect often motivate this spiritual sophisticate. Number 11’s sometimes frustrate others, as they sometimes appear too spacey and arrogant. Often their desire to do good deeds looks like meddling or gossip to others.

Number 22 Personality Number

Number 22’s have few personality flaws and often manage to successfully conceal what flaws they do have successfully from the public. They are always polite, courteous and respectful of others no matter what their circumstances are in life. Sometimes they can be curiously detached or seem cold, as they don’t believe in emotionally interacting with anybody except in a general loving way. 22’s often frustrate their loved ones as they don’t usually believe that one person is more special than another is. That all should be loved equally by one another is the credo of a 22.

Number 33

Number 33’s are enigmas wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a conundrum. Depending on their spiritual mission they will adopt the personality characteristics needed to accomplish their goal. These older souls usually completely dismiss personality as a mask that need not be adopted if one is truly enlightened. For this reason as well, they do not tend to express much emotion or their feelings towards people or events.