Astrology and numerology are two practices that provide deeper insight into the world around us, and while they can be used separately, they bring even more spiritual and metaphysical understanding to the surface when tied together.

The union between astrology and numerology is a mystifying relationship that combines the wisdom of the stars with our ancient connection to the language of numbers!

Today, astrology and numerology come together to explore the relationship between Full Moon rituals and your Life Path Number.

The Full Moon represents the ending of one lunar cycle and the transition into new growth – a time to consider the feelings and experiences that you’d like to let go of or move on from. Full Moon rituals are an excellent way to connect to this energy, allowing you to release negativity and flow smoothly into the next lunar cycle.

Each individual, however, is different. Different rituals are required for different personalities.

That’s where numerology comes into play. We looked at each Life Path Number’s unique traits and expressions to create a ritual for the Full Moon that will prove the most moving and beneficial for your number.

You can learn how to calculate your own Life Path Number here.

Full Moon Rituals for Your Life Path Number

While Full Moon rituals are not one-size-fits-all, taking a look at your individual Life Path Number makes it easier to create a tailor-made ritual that will most deeply connect to your core. You can also feel free to use these suggestions as a guide that will help you create your own Full Moon rituals. Let’s take a look at each Life Path Number and the rituals that connect to their individual traits!

Life Path Number 1

This Life Path Number denotes leaders, entrepreneurs, and energetic individuals. Those born into the Life Path number 1 are often creative, enthusiastic, and physically active. Therefore, a good ritual for you would include bodily movement as opposed to stillness. The Full Moon can bring feelings of restlessness and intense emotional energy, and it’s a good idea for you to find an outlet for these feelings – and dancing may be the key.

Full Moon Dancing Ritual

This ritual can be performed in the comfort of your living room or outside under the light of the Moon.

Light a candle, a stick of incense, or clear the energy of the space around you with sage.

Wear something comfortable or fun and flashy – the costume choice is up to you!

Think of an album or a playlist that makes you feel happy, inspired, and energetic, and press play.

Dance, dance, dance! Don’t worry about what you look like, just let that lunar energy flow through you.

Imagine negativity escaping your body with each movement.

When you’re finished, thank the Moon for her inspiration and sink into the refreshing energy running through your body.

This ritual is simple, fun, and energizing. Dancing helps you release frustration and built-up or stagnant energy, and dancing under the Full Moon allows you to connect to the celestial energy above!

Life Path Number 2

This Life Path Number indicates an individual who deeply desires and appreciates connections with those around them. If you were born into this Life Path Number, you are likely to experience and attract deep, soulful connections with others. When the Full Moon approaches, you may be reminded of past connections that caused pain or emotional turmoil – and it’s time to let that go.

Full Moon Releasing Ritual

Start by gathering a candle, a notebook, and a pen.

Sit comfortably, light your candle, and meditate on the feelings or relationships that you need to let go of now.

Write down each overwhelming emotion or toxic relationship that’s been causing you pain, releasing them from your spirit.

Now, rip up the piece of paper and bury it or throw it away.

Breathe deeply and visualize peaceful, healthy love flowing into your life.

The Full Moon is all about release, and this ritual will help you feel refreshed and ready to move onto the next lunar cycle.

Life Path Number 3

Those born under this Life Path Number are entertaining, eccentric, and creative. You feel most alive and harmonized when you’re expressing yourself authentically. The Full Moon often creates a sense that our emotions are ready to spill over, making this a great time for a ritual that allows you to release these emotions creatively.

Full Moon Expression Ritual

Gather a sketchbook, a pen or pencil, and your favorite incense. (You can also include markers, paints, or whatever artistic medium you prefer.)

Light the incense, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the lunar energy wash over you.

Now, open your sketchbook and follow your intuition. You can write a poem, create a short story, talk about your feelings, or draw a picture of anything your heart desires. Let the Moon guide you.

Imagine releasing negativity and unwanted emotions with each stroke of the pen.

The point of this ritual is to let your energy flow freely – don’t worry about what comes out. Connecting to the energy of the Moon will help you explore your creativity without judgment.

Life Path Number 4

The Life Path Number 4 represents an individual who is hard-working, practical, and trustworthy. Life Path 4 can also indicate perfectionism and the tendency to demand too much from themselves and those around them. The Full Moon is the perfect time to release these tendencies and enhance compassion.

Full Moon Releasing Visual Meditation

Make sure that you’re wearing something comfortable and located in a safe space, preferably under the moonlight.

Cleanse the surrounding area with candlelight or sage.

Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Imagine yourself cloaked in a light of love and acceptance.

Repeat the phrase, “I am perfect in my imperfections,” out loud or silently to yourself.

Let the Moon’s glow wash over you and bathe you in stillness and harmony.

The Moon can help you remember that flaws are a natural, beautiful part of life. This ritual will help you accept them both in yourself and others.

Life Path Number 5

Those born into the Life Path Number 5 are inquisitive, independent, and spiritual. This Life Path Number desires freedom, which can prevent them from forming deep bonds with those around them. Crystal healing is an excellent way to open the heart, as long as your crystals are cleansed and charged.

Full Moon Crystal Charging Ritual

The best crystals for opening the heart and strengthening emotional bonds are rose quartz, rhodonite, malachite, and green aventurine. However, this charging ritual can be used for any crystal (or object).

Gather the crystals that you want to use for this ritual. Begin the ritual by gently cleansing the crystals under running water.

Once your crystals are cleansed and dried, take them outside and place them in a circle where they will be bathed by the light of the Moon.

Let the crystals soak in the moonlight overnight.

Collect your crystals in the morning.

Your crystals will now be cleansed, charged, and more powerful than ever! This ritual also works for tools or talismans, Tarot cards, paint brushes, or any object that you wish to imbue with lunar energy.

Life Path Number 6

This Life Path Number denotes an individual who cares deeply for those around them. These people care about their community and those they love, but they can also push themselves too hard, neglecting their own needs. Therefore, this is a great time for a healing ritual that reminds you of the importance of self-care.

Full Moon Healing Ritual

Gather healing crystals like rose quartz or citrine, which encourage self-love and self-acceptance.

Cleanse the space around you with sage or incense to release negativity.

Sitting comfortably under the moonlight, hold your healing crystal in your left hand, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Imagine loving energy and light surrounding your body, healing any physical aches and emotional pains.

Visualize loving and caring for yourself. What does it look like? How does it feel?

Connecting to the Moon increases intuition and wisdom. This ritual will allow you to feel the knowledge of the Moon flowing through you, allowing you to understand the importance of self-love and how to best take care of yourself.

Life Path Number 7

This Life Path Number represents someone who seeks knowledge and depth of understanding in life. Those born into Life Path Number 7 want to uncover hidden truths and ancient wisdom, making Tarot cards one of the best tools for their Full Moon ritual.

Full Moon Tarot Ritual

Cleanse and create a sacred space where you will be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes.

Grab your favorite deck and cleanse them by lighting a bundle of sage and waving them gently through the smoke.

Close your eyes and ask the Moon for its guidance, seeking lunar wisdom.

Shuffle your cards. Cut the deck three times, reassemble the cards, and tap once on top of the deck.

Lay your cards down in a 3-card spread.

3-Card Spread Ideas

Past, Present, Future

Mind, Body, Spirit

Illumination, Release, Transformation

We don’t always hear the messages coming from the Moon, which is why working with the Tarot is so illuminating during the Full Moon. This ritual will help you tap into the Universal wisdom surrounding you.

Life Path Number 8

Life Path Number 8 indicates a confident, charismatic individual who desires success and achievement. While the Full Moon encourages letting go, this can also be a great time for manifestation work. Working with the Full Moon can amplify your ability to attract what you want in life.

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Gather a candle, a notebook, a pen, and manifestation crystals like green aventurine and citrine.

Light the candle, close your eyes, and let the Full Moon’s energy wash over you.

Think about everything that you wish to attract and write it all down in your notebook. Be as specific as you can!

Place your Full Moon wish list in a magical container of some kind – an ornamental box, a beautiful envelope, or rolled up into a mysterious jar.

Place your wish list outside under the light of the Moon overnight.

In the morning, retrieve your Full Moon wishes and set them somewhere in your home where you will see them each and every day.

The Moon creates a signal between your desires and the benevolent energies of the Universe. Reflect on your wishes each night before you go to bed, and practice gratitude for each one that comes to fruition!

Life Path Number 9

Those born into the Life Path Number 9 are healing, humanitarian individuals who want to help the world around them expand and evolve. This Life Path Number is the perfect recipient for a healing glass of mystical, celestial Moon Water to help fill them with the loving wisdom of the Universe.

Full Moon Elixir Ritual

Begin by filling a sealable container, like a mason jar with a lid, with purified water.

Place the container outside overnight in a location where it can soak in the light of the Moon.

In the morning, bring your Moon Water inside.

Cleanse your crystals with your Moon Water for an extra boost.

Sip from your Moon Water each day to fill yourself with the healing power of moonlight.

You can even fill a spray bottle with your Moon Water and add a piece of moonstone and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a cleansing, healing spray for your body and your home.

This ritual places the power of the Full Moon right into your hands, allowing you to harness her energy and wisdom each day! You can use your Moon Water for just about anything, including painting with watercolors, for an extra drop of magic.

Get Creative with Your Rituals!

While each Full Moon ritual listed above is suggested for a specific Life Path Number, they can be used by anyone. If a certain ritual seems to be calling out to you, follow your intuition and go for it! You can also use these ideas to create your own Full Moon rituals. The Moon encourages you to follow your instincts, and she might just be sending you a message!

Do you have any personal Full Moon rituals of your own? Let us know in the comments below! 

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