Numbers aren’t just for mathematicians and accountants. They can also lead you to deeper wisdom. Find out how numerology can fit into your life…

Numbers play a big part in your everyday life. They are one of the first things that you learn as a child. And you use them as valuable tools as adults.

But numbers don’t merely indicate quantities.

Numbers have power.

They can reveal hidden patterns. And finding these patterns can help you make positive choices in life.

Find out what a numerology reading can do for you. Deeper self-understanding hides deep within your numbers.

What Is Numerology?

Numbers are everywhere in your life. You may see the same numbers pop up again and again.

Numerologists study the significance of these numbers. Everything in the world depends on the mystical power of numbers. And that includes you and the events in your life.

Just as astrology studies the movements of planets and stars, numerology looks at numbers. However, there’s a particular way that numerologists find numbers of significance.  When you receive a numerology reading, numerologists study numbers unique to you.

Some credit Pythagoras with the principles of Western numerology. This mathematician and Greek mystic studied the energetic vibrations of letters as well as numbers.

Power comes from insight. And there’s no better insight to you and the world around you than the numbers associated with you.


What Are Core Numbers?

A numerology reading starts with a chart. Numerologists create a chart based on your birth date and full name. These two sources have a wealth of information about you.

Numerologists then figure out your core numbers. These serve as the basis for guidance in all of your readings.

There are five core numbers you should be familiar with:

#1 – Life Path Number

The Life Path number is the most important one in your chart. Like looking at your Lifeline in palm reading, finding your Life Path number gives you a wealth of insight.

It’s a blueprint to your journey in life. Your Life Path number lets you know where you’re going as well as what you’ll encounter on the way.

Do you want to know what opportunities and challenges you’ll meet along the way?

The Life Path number can give you that insight.

It can also tell you about your general character and which courses of action you’ll choose on your journey.

Numerologists find your Life Path number from the numbers of your full date of birth. The number never changes. So, it encapsulates your entire self.

#2 – Expression Number

Do you need more insight and understanding about yourself?

Your Expression number can tell you about the strengths and weaknesses inherent in you. These numbers come from your full name at birth. So, they’re the strength and weaknesses you’re born with.

But as you know, you can always change your name.

Does that mean that your Expression number changes, too?

Sometimes. It depends on your new name.

One woman found out just how much a simple name change could change her life path.

Vanee always had an interest in numerology. She liked to contrast what she knew about number vibrations against what she knew about the people around her.

She didn’t realize that those same principles also applied to herself.

You see, she couldn’t find success in numerology as a career. For some reason, her ads never reached the masses.

But her path changed when she changed her name.

Back then, it didn’t occur to her to change her name – or the spelling of it. It simply wasn’t done.

When she got married, though, she did what many women did and changed it.

And her life did a complete 180 afterward.

The changes started small. But her wins eventually picked up speed. Now, she makes a living as a writer and a consulting numerologist.

Vanee changed her path when she decided to change her name. Remember, just because you’re born with natural strengths and weaknesses doesn’t mean you can’t change them. There’s a reason why the Expression number is also known as the Destiny number.


#3 – Personality Number

If you ever wondered what kind of vibe you give off to other people, your Personality number can help. It represents the first impression that you give to others.

It’s a part of yourself that you’re willing to reveal to strangers. But it also determines just what you reveal and who you reveal to.

You may see it as a buffer to your real self in external situations and people you don’t want to deal with. At the same time, it also allows in things that relate to your own inner nature.

Numerology readings use the consonants of your name to determine this number. But it, like the Destiny number, can change with a different name.

#4 – Soul Urge Number

Finding a heart’s desire is a big reason why many people practice meditation and mindfulness. They want to know what really drives them to do the things they do.

You may come across the answer yourself. But numerology can help on this front, too.

The Soul Urge number represents the reasons you make the choices you do.

Find your Soul Urge by counting the vowels in your name. Imagine those soft sounds shedding light onto hidden desires.

#5 – Birth Day Number

The day that you were born may have a relatively minor role to play in your numerology reading. But it’s still important.

The Birth Day number shows a certain talent that reveals itself on your Life Path.

Like many aspects of numerology, you can never change this number. So, think of it as your special superpower bestowed upon you when you were born.

What Can a Numerology Reading Tell You?

A numerology reading may be as in-depth or superficial as you want it to be. These are some common reasons that people come to a reading:

#1 – Deeper Self-Understanding

Are you only interested in a deeper understanding of yourself?

Your numerologist may primarily focus on your Expression number. They may look at the Personality and Heart’s Desire number to a lesser degree. But these core numbers are what drives the inner you.

Some people found that receiving a numerology reading is insightful in other ways.

Emma’s introduction to numerology is a common story. She ended up in her first reading because she was curious.

After all, who doesn’t want a roadmap to life?

The numerologist charted Emma’s core numbers and provided insight for each one. She also received tips and pointers about balancing the duality present in her core numbers.

Emma’s numerology chart also included forecasting numbers that cover important milestones in her life. The numerologist explained how these numbers manifest at different stages in life. She just had to look for them.

Although Emma didn’t have specific questions in mind, she still walked away with many answers. Maybe they weren’t the answers to life per se. But the chart gave her a way to think of previously intangible concepts in a logical, methodical way.

Just remember that there’s a balance in all the numbers unique to you. That means that each number has negative as well as positive traits. If you know astrology, this duality may be familiar to you.

It’s not unheard of to find that you exude more negative than positive traits. A feeling of not living up to your potential is also common. But that’s not the end of it.

It’s important to understand that you can change your life. The power to change is always in your hands, for good or ill. Numerology charts simply help to give you a better understanding.


#2 – Possible Barriers and Life Challenges

Life challenges happen to everyone.

If you’re experiencing challenges in your life, it may be confusing to know which way to turn. A numerology reading can help steer you onto paths that contain positive results.

However, you don’t necessarily need to be in the midst of a maelstrom of change to want answers. Maybe you want to start a new venture. Additional insight can help you choose a path that’s right for you.

Many people get readings before they start a family or make a career change. Some make major changes in life and run into barriers. But they can’t figure out what’s stopping them from reaching their goals.

Readings can help with this, too.

There’s a reason why many followers and advocates of numerology include successful people.

#3 – Understanding Relationships

Some like to get a reading to make decisions about relationships and friendships. A numerology reading can also give you insight about family affairs and your career.

It’s all in your Soul Urge number.

Not only does the Soul Urge number let you know why you make the decisions you do, but it also gives you better awareness. And more awareness of your motivations can enable better decision-making for a happier life.

Finding Your True Path One Number at a Time

If you’re about to embark on your first numerology reading, you may feel excited. And most probably nervous.

You may also feel a little overwhelmed by the information you’re shown. But don’t be.

Digest the information in small bites. Take what you need from your number data. If you just need more understanding about yourself, let your numerologist know.

People approach readings with many different questions in mind. But there’s nothing that says you need to answer them all at once.

After all, you can always go back for another one if you need further clarification.

Also, remember that you may not be able to change some of your core numbers. But you are in control of what you do with them. The decisions about your life are always up to you. However, you could find out more about them with a free numerology reading.

What was your first numerology reading like? What reoccurring numbers did you see in your own life? Tell us in the comments section. Or, get your free numerology report today.