Our life path number is not only about the lessons and opportunities we are offered, but can also be seen as a character of sorts. It’s the energy you give out, and a role that you play as a particular number personality. When we think of a number 2 path person, we will undoubtedly see someone who has a softer energy, a person who has feminine, feel good energy, who feels at home networking and being centred in their connection with others. In contrast, a number 7 person wants to shy away from too much connection and the hubbub of the social scene, they give off a deep, mysterious air, and would rather be found taking a seat in the darkest corner of a gathering  so that they could safely observe and internalise the experience.

A number 1 or 8 may feel more comfortable being in charge of the situation. They want to organise and direct things. Number 6 and 9 are more loving, but the 6 gives their affection and high regard for responsibility to the close circuit of family and friends, whereas the 9 offers it to the wider realms of humanity. If you encounter a number 4 person, you know that you will get a great job done and that their regimented and disciplined manner comes with the territory, because directness is always at their core. When around a 3 personality, you know for sure that you’ll have a good time; they like to keep things light and quickly draw their interactions back to a playful and humorous tone if things get to serious. Equally the number 5 doesn’t only want to experience fun, they want to explore all aspects of life and as long as they are taking action, even when they’re making mistakes and trying new things, they’re happy. If you want adventure or a change of scenery, stay close to your number 5 pals.

The master number dudes, have a lower number energy AND a doubling up of a number, which makes their gang an intense group to be around. They hang in the ether and like to bring some spiritual wisdom to the table. If you want something out of the ordinary then call up your number 11 friend. If you are looking for a trailblazer, then number 22 has what you need. Lastly, the number 33 personality offers a place of compassion like no other; their magnetic pull can melt the coldest heart. They love to heal and spread peace.

Each personality has strengths and weaknesses and we can assign a title to each number type. You can find out in this article, who shares your number personality type and even those of your friends and family. Do these people resonate with you? Can you see any similarities here? Once you have worked out your life path number, scroll below to see who else shares your number.

Work out your life path number if you don’t already know it.

To locate any master numbers, please add your date of birth in stages. For example:

20th        June      1985

2            6            23

Reduce them down further, unless you have a number 11 or 22, (these are master numbers and always kept and added as the double digit)

2            6            5

Add them up

2     +     6     +     5            =            13

Add the last number to reduce to a single digit, unless in the case of a number 11 or 22

1            +            3            =            4

In this case your life path number is = Number 4!

Example with master number

28th      June                    1966

10          6                          22

1             6                          22

1     +     6           +             22   = 29

2    +      9            =  Number 11

Read below to find out which famous peeps share the same overall life opportunity as you. Maybe you can sense a similar energy emanating from this person.  What is your projection about them? And what does it tell you about yourself?

Famous 1’s

Martin Luther King. Jr

Steve Jobs

Elizabeth Hurley

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

George Lucas

Jack Nicholson

George Washington

Charlie Chaplin

Tom Hanks

Walt Disney

Alanis Morrisette

Famous 2’s

Jennifer Aniston

Kim Basinger


Tony Blair

Barrack Obama

Diana Ross

Meg Ryan

Tim Burton

Amelia Earhart

Sarah Brightman

Michelle Pfeiffer

Kevin Bacon

Famous 3’s

Ruby Wax

John Travolta

Kylie Minogue

Kevin Spacey

David Bowie

Kevin Costner

Jodie Foster

Charles Dickens

Alfred Hitchcock

Channing Tatum

Famous 4’s

Oprah Winfrey

Donald Trump

Adam Sandler

Bill Gates

Nicole Kidman

Clint Eastwood

Brad Pitt

Margaret Thatcher

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Sarah Jessica Parker

Pamela Anderson

Leonardo Da Vinci

Frank Sinatra

Famous 5’s

Stephan Spielberg

Mick Jagger

Ryan Gosling

Michael J. Fox

Tina Turner

Malcolm X

Andre Agassi

Issac Newton

Beyonce Knowles

Uma Thurman

Angelina Jolie

Famous 6’s

John Lennon

Christopher Reeve

Michael Jackson

Goldie Hawn

Bruce Willis

Robert De Niro

Stevie Wonder

Howard Hughes

Ben Affleck

Neave Campbell

Famous 7’s

Andy Warhol

Bear Grylls

Princess Diana

Jonny Depp

Marylin Monroe

Jerry Sienfeld

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ben Fogle

Famous 8’s

Naomi Campbell

Whoopi Goldberg

Sandra Bullock

Barbara Streisand

Pablo Picasso


Matt Damon

50 Cent

Nelson Mandela

Anna Nicole Smith

Famous 9’s

Mother Teresa

Mahatma Ghandi

Bob Marley

Yoko Ono

Jim Carrey

Morgan Freeman

Dustin Hoffman

Kurt Cobain

Harrison Ford

Jamie Oliver


Kurt Russell

Anthony Hopkins

Elvis Presley

Famous 11’s

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Adolf Hitler

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Harry Houdini

Prince William

Bill Clinton

Lucy Liu

Michael Jordan

John Candy

John Cusack

David Beckham

Famous 22’s

Sir Richard Branson

Will Smith

Matthew McConaughey

Paul McCartney

14th Dalai Lama

Tina Fey

Bryan Adams

David Attenborough

Famous 33’s

Steve Erwin

Sinead O’Conner

Salma Hayek

Francis Ford Coppola

Meryl Streep

What is your number starring role?

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Thanks for reading and leave your comments below…

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