Reiki – What is it? 

You have seen it on your social media, heard about it from your friends, and may have even seen references to it in your favorite movies. Reiki has fast evolved into a recognized form of complementary therapy. 

So what is Reiki and how does it work? 

Reiki comes from the Japanese words “rei” and “ki.” “Rei” refers to all things universal while “ki” is the term used to describe the life force energy that is constant and flows through all living beings. 

Reiki as a practice is based on Eastern medicine and the belief that all living beings have an energetic field and a life force. This life force flows through our bodies and all of our chakras, revitalizing us and significantly supporting our health. 

According to Eastern medicine, one of the many possible reasons for health issues and negative circumstances in life can stem from energy blocks. Energy blocks prevent the flow of life force energy through the body. This has a significant negative impact on our lives and our health. 

One of the most popular forms of Reiki is Usui Reiki, a method created by Mikao Usui and practiced in Japan around the 1900s. 

Usui Reiki has four central aspects that are core to the practice. These are: 

  • Healing 
  • Personal Development 
  • Spiritual Discipline 
  • A Sense of Mystic Order

All of these four aspects are worked upon in tandem to create a sense of personal and spiritual healing and a connection to the universe and its beauty. 

Practicing Reiki on Yourself

Reiki is often conducted by certified practitioners who are trained to tune into the energies of the person they are working with. Reiki practitioners typically run their hands over a client’s body, keeping them 2 to 3 inches above their skin. They then begin focusing on each chakra in the body, gently probing life force through any blockages, allowing the free flow of energy again. 

While there are benefits to getting a Reiki treatment done by a certified practitioner, there are also ways to practice Reiki on yourself. 

How to Practice Reiki on Yourself

  • To begin, it is essential that you have a safe space designed to help you complete your session and focus on your energy. Remember the life force energy that exists in everyone and your intention to channel the same.
  • Rub your palms together and move them 2-3 inches apart. You may feel a tingling session in between the palms. This is the life force coursing through the space between your hands. 
  • Tap into this life force energy and visualize it as a stream of bright light that you have complete control over. 
  • Set an intention for yourself before you begin the session. It can be something along the lines of – “In this session, my chakras will be unblocked.” 
  • When you are ready, close your eyes, relax your body and mind and take deep, mindful breaths and begin your meditation. You can try some recognized meditation hacks that will support your process better.
  • Go inwards and scan your body, keeping an eye out for the areas that may seem “sore” or the energy feels “heavy”. 
  • Begin visualizing the life force coursing through your body, through each of your chakras, and filling them with bright and healing energy. 
  • If you sense areas in the body where the life force does not seem to be flowing so easily, take a deep breath and gently will the force work through the energetic block. It may take a little time and a lot of practice for you to get the hang of how to manipulate your energy. 
  • Take the time to work the life force through all parts of your body, being gentle and firm with the ebb and flow of energy. Once you feel a sense of relief, close the session with gratitude. 

The Benefits 

Reiki may be an ancient and simple healing technique, but there are profound results that have been experienced by many who practice it. Reiki helps heal emotional trauma, balance energetic levels and foster spiritual development. Here are the benefits of Reiki: 

Balances the Mind, Body, and Spirit 

While the benefits of a Reiki may not be experienced immediately in the first session, regular Reiki can work wonders. Given that this practice often involves the consistent and gentle flow of energy, many who practice Reiki regularly experience significant benefits of the mind, body, and spirit including weight loss and improvements to their physical appearance.

Learning to channel the life force to the areas of your body and mind that require attention can help reduce stress significantly, create mental focus and clarity and lessen the physical pain. 

Energetic blockages, when worked through, allow the flow of positive energy through every cell in the body. This reduces disharmony in the energetic field and fills you up with a vitality that is significant to the practice of Reiki. 

Releases Tension and Relaxes 

Reiki is enjoyed for one very fundamental reason – it allows you to just “be”. Practicing Reiki every day for a couple of minutes can help you experience gentle and pure relaxation. This can be particularly helpful after a long and stressful day at work.

Reiki allows you to sit back and note the gentle thrum of energy in your body, relaxing you and taking you away from the hustle of your daily life. Many who complete their sessions experience a sense of being “in touch” with their innermost selves, allowing them to reflect on their day. 

The life force can also be channeled to release any tension accumulated in a part of the body. Not only does the breathwork and visualization calm you down, but it also relaxes your mind and makes you more receptive to what your body needs. 

Promotes Better Sleep 

One of the reasons why Reiki is so popular is that many who finish a session often report feelings of significant relaxation. The deep and relaxed state of being also promotes excellent sleep, allowing your body to heal through the night.

Reiki can also help you make better sense of your dreams, allowing you to dive into your subconscious and reveal parts of yourself hidden in plain sight!

This benefit is only experienced better by practicing Reiki an hour before bedtime. Inculcating a couple of minutes into your night routine to be mindful and conscious of your life force energy can work wonders to promote deep and restful sleep. 

Not only does this leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated the next morning, but it also clears your mind and gets you ready to tackle the day ahead! 

Reiki is an excellent alternative healing practice that can promote mental health, wellbeing, and clarity in a hectic life. Take some time out for yourself every day to cater to your energetic needs and you will find that you are a lot happier, relaxed, and focused!