Is the 11:11 Code following you everywhere?

Do you always seem to glance at your phone at 11:11? Do repeating 1s seem to pop up all around you – on receipts, license plates, mile markers and digital notifications? This year more than ever before, countless people all over the planet have reported seeing the 11:11 code repeatedly appear in their daily lives. It’s a worldwide phenomenon that’s intensifying as we approach the 11th day, of the 11th month, of an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11). Read on for 5 ways to prepare for this magical day (HINT: #5 is the most important).

The last time we experienced an Universal 11 Year was back in 2009. Before that, it was 1910! That means over 99% of the world’s population have only ever experienced one or two 11 Universal Years in their lifetimes. No wonder the entire planet is feeling the effects of this incredibly rare vibration…

And waiting with great anticipation for November 11, 2018 to arrive.

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11:11:11 Unlocks Your Personal Manifesting Potential

In Numerology, 11 is a Master Number. It’s the number of unique creation, authentic expression, and rapid manifestation. It contains the pioneering ignition spark of the number 1, and the soothing, sensitive, psychic gifts of the number 2. In combination, the Master Number 11 holds the vibration of ascension. If you look at the shape of the Number 11, it represents two pillars, a gateway, which opens a direct portal between divine inspiration and grounded manifestation. Triple this (11:11:11) and we’re talking manifestation at light speed!

On November 11th, 2018, the 11:11:11 portal flies wide open forming the most potent manifesting gateway of the decade. Expect a rapid expansion of your personal power and abundance potential!

The Slow-Burning Power of 11:11

There’s no doubt that the 11:11 number code carries a powerful message of divine guidance, inspiration, and abundance. If you think back to the very beginning of the year, can you remember how strong that sense of potential felt!?

Hopefully, since this 11 Universal wheel started turning back in January, you’ve been using the energy of this dynamic number to build, create and manifest incredible things. In fact, it’s safe to assume you’ve become an entirely different human to the one who began this year!

However, you need to know that, while Master Numbers bring great opportunities, they are often accompanied by great challenges.

Master Numbers demand mastery, time and patience. This could be why the last 11 months haven’t been all sunshine and rainbows for you (yet).

Luckily, in Numerology, it’s widely understood that Master Numbers don’t actually begin to express their highest and most groundbreaking qualities until the second half of their cycles. So for 2018, that means the latter part of the year. Master Numbers are, in fact, slow burners, which patiently wait until the time is right before emerging into greatness.

So if 2018 hasn’t been a breeze for you. In case you haven’t quite managed to manifest the ease, grace, and abundance that you imagined the year would hold…

Just. you. wait!

Your transformation is only just beginning…

Everything that has happened up until this point has been in preparation for something much, much greater. This period from October 31-December 31st is already considered a potent portal of transformation, when the veil between Earth and Spirit Worlds is thinner. It’s akin to the dark Moon phase, a time for dissolution and the release of old ways, allowing for inner change and hearty renewal to take place in preparation for a brand new year ahead.

It’s so important not to rush through this time, not to simply keep your head down and carry on. This 11 Universal Year still has magnificent work to do and, this time, its energy will be especially potent and transformational.

So, if 11:11 has been appearing around you, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! Now is the moment to harness this Triple Master Number’s slow-burning momentum to manifest massive spiritual growth and abundance in your life.

Here are 5 ways to navigate through the 11:11:11 portal with mastery.

5 Ways To Prepare For 11:11:11

1. Let Go of Your Old Life

During this transformational time, people, places, objects, projects, plans, ideas, or dreams may all start to want to EXIT your life.

Notice what wants to go.

Notice what starts to feel like it doesn’t belong.

Notice contradictions as they arise in your awareness, and any beliefs and thoughts you are still holding onto, that don’t align with your rapidly upgrading reality.

The truth is, you can’t take full advantage of the power and mastery of the 11:11:11 portal if you’re still holding on tightly to your old life. So however hard it feels, give thanks to what once served you, and let those things go. If you’re being triggered, if you feel angry, scared or anxious by the truth of what’s left behind then see these fear-based emotions as a sign that you have inner work to do. This is a good thing! You are peeling back the layers, and this is your chance to embark on some deep inner healing.

2. Dream Big

The last 3 months of the year is a fertile ground, and the 11:11:11 portal is a cosmic invitation to sow some seeds for your future, but not just any seeds. Now, more than ever, using the last surge of momentum provided by this incredible 11 Universal year, you’re being asked to dream big.

Don’t just plan for what you want, plan for what’s ideal.

Don’t just imagine better, imagine paradise.

Don’t just dream of happiness, dream of ecstasy.

But this kind of imagining takes work. Our modern world doesn’t encourage us to believe that anything is truly possible, it’s easier to stay small and make do with what we have. So use this deep, dark dive to break through your limits and let your mind expand! You can have it all!

3. Trust Your Instincts

Only you know what really feels good. Only you know what your mind, body, and soul really need. This dark transformational time will be much, much easier for you to navigate if you tap into your inner guidance system and learn to trust your instincts.

Remember that the 11:11:11 code is formed from single 1s – reinforcing the strength, worthiness, and vitality that you, as an individual, hold within. The evolutionary flow that you’re moving through during this time will be much easier to handle if your instincts are honed and sharp, like a cat in the jungle. Trust yourself.

4. Deeply Nourish Your Body & Mind

We can be unaware of the potency of the energetic codes streaming through our bodies during such a powerful cosmic window. They’re opening us up and restructuring us on levels we may not even be ready to connect to yet. But the very fact that you are here, reading these words means that you’re ready for it, and it’s happening to you!

Try to limit your exposure to too much external stimulation – TV, radio, advertising or other manipulative media as all of these will really hinder the soul-level work that’s being done for you, and by you, at this pivotal time. Instead, look for guidance and wisdom that feeds your soul. Sleep when you need to, eat the right foods for your body type and take real, loving care of yourself. This will make the big energetic shifts easier to accept and enable you to step up into the higher version of yourself when the opportunities arise.

5. Know Your Numbers

A little-known weapon in the Numerological armory is the Achievement Number. Not only does it reveal much more intimate and personal qualities about you that are undetectable by your Life Path Number, but when combined with the Universal Year Number, the Achievement Number unlocks your personal path to prosperity.

As you move through the 11:11:11 portal and into the last swirling energies of this 11 Universal Year, it’s time to start planning your transition into the next calendar year. Because if you wait until it’s already begun, you’ll be too late…

Claim Your Free Personalized Gift

If you don’t know what your Achievement Number is, don’t worry! Not many people do… so we’ll be sharing yours with you very soon. We’re preparing something extremely special for you, a personalized gift to equip you for a truly prosperous year ahead.

Look out for an email from us, or check out our Facebook Page or Instagram on 11:11:11 to claim your free gift!

Until then, use the tools described above to welcome these powerfully transformative cosmic energies into your life and prepare to receive the abundance you deserve when the Universal wheel starts turning again on January 1st, 2019.

So much love and many blessings,

The Numerologist Team

P.S. Has the number 11:11 been showing up in your life? These are signs that you’re transformation is only just beginning! Share below where you’ve been seeing this magical number appear!

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