Jupiter In Leo, Triple Sevens & A Rare Gift

Jupiter In Leo + Triple Sevens + A Rare Gift To Help You Manifest Your Deepest Soul Desires

Astral Paradigms of Consciousness

Jupiter Is On The Move

BIG NEWS: This week (July 16th – July 25th, 2014) is one of the most powerful weeks of the year from both a numerological and astrological perspective. Our largest and most energetically powerful planet, Jupiter, is changing signs… and this only happens ONCE A YEAR.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and creativity and for the past 52 weeks it was in the nurturing sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. This was a time of deep self-reflection which likely brought about valuable lessons related to your home environment, emotional well-being, and inner self.

But now it’s time to step out and shine like the sun because on July 16th, Jupiter started it’s transition into Leo, an exuberant sign of joy, manifestation, and self-expression.

AND, it’s all happening during one of the luckiest weeks of the year!

Triple Sevens

In Numerology, 7-16-2014 is a 7-7-7 day (1+6 = 7 and 2014 is a 7 Universal Year). Any time a number is in triplicate it is a reminder that you can create anything you want.

Not only that but there’s another 7-7-7 day coming up in just a few days on July 25, 2014 (2+5 = 7).

3 is the number of creation as in the holy trinity, and the union of body, mind and spirit. (Also two people together can create a 3rd being which is truly an expression of our creation).

And 7 is the number of the soul.

So, 7 and 3 together are the luckiest numbers to help you manifest your soul’s desires. It’s no wonder 7-7-7 is the number of the jackpot!

The Perfect Time To Ask For What You Want

Jupiter transitioning into the sign of Leo between two 7-7-7 days is extremely rare and won’t happen again for a while. So take advantage of this universally powerful energy. It’s the perfect time to state your intention for what you want in your life.

With Jupiter’s juju and lucky 7’s on your side, there’s no doubt you’ll manifest it…

But, we thought we’d give you a little something to help you get there even quicker.

Time To Hit The Jackpot

We have never offered anything like this but because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of week, we wanted to give you a gift to match – jackpot!

Our guest Intuitive Numerologist, Kari Samuels, has agreed to host a free LIVE call exclusively for members of the Numerologist Community!

Kari has been studying astrology, numerology, tarot and metaphysics for almost 20 years and has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their soul’s desires through her numerology readings, energy techniques, and more.

Kari no longer offers private consultations but as a member of the Numerologist Community, you’ll get exclusive access to this free live call where she’ll walk you through one of her powerful manifestation rituals.

But, in order to make this gift as beneficial as possible, we need your vote!

Set Your Intention, Cast Your Vote

Since the theme of this week is asking for what you want, we want to know… what could you use a little help with in your life right now?

Set your intention by casting your vote below… then watch the Universe deliver. The most voted response will decide the topic of the call and which techniques Kari will share.

Stay tuned. We’ll be announcing the date and time of the free live call soon!

Many blessings,
The Numerologist Team

P.S. As always, leave your comments and questions for Kari below! We love to hear from you.

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