Have you ever stepped into a space and felt like you could take a deep breath and look around for the first time all day? Like there was something bright and inviting that you couldn’t quite put your finger on?

These are signs of a space that is energetically clear.

While there are many worthwhile witchy resolutions for the New Year, keeping your home cleansed and bright might be the most transformative and satisfying to do!

Let’s start by defining exactly what it means for a space to be “clear.” Simply put, it means that the energy in the space is in motion, and not stopped or blocked in any way. You can think of energy in a space the same way you would health in a body.

You’ve got to put in healthy whole delicious foods into a body, keep it moving, and focus on repair whenever there is a physical or psychological trauma.

The same goes for a space. The objects in it should be loved and in use, the structure should be in good repair, and just like exercise for the body – the energy should be regularly kept moving.

Here are 5 simple methods to help you keep your space feeling fresh all year round!

#1 – Smoke

Purification using incense packs a double whammy, with both physical and metaphysical benefits. The smoke from a sage smudge stick will actually kill bacteria in the air, on top of cleansing any bad vibes that might be hanging around.

Some other herbs that are good to burn are lavender, pine resins, and copal. After you send out the stale by smoke cleansing, invite in some fresh energy by burning sweet grass or a favorite incense.


#2 – Salt

Salt is another agent that is a physical and psychic cleanser rolled into one. For a quick protection spell, make a solution with sea salt and warm water and do a wipe down of your window sills and door sills. You can add a little to mop water and of course, a salt bath is one of the best ways to cleanse the energy of your body!

#3 – Sound

Sound is vibration, so it’s the perfect way to prime your space for the highest possible vibe. Greek philosophers believed that the geometric proportions of the universe created tones called the “music of the spheres.” By using sound you can literally set the tone of how your space feels energetically.

Use bells, singing bowls, a recording of some chanting, or your own “om”, or song. It also helps to put wind chimes by your windows, or install a small water feature as part of your décor, to bring continuous pleasing and soothing sounds.

#4 – Water

Water flows and cleanses by its very nature. It is also one of the most energetically impressionable substances there is. You might have seen photos of the famous experiments where thoughts had a physical impact on the crystal structures of frozen water.

You can do your own thought experiment and use water to sprinkle your home with positive possibilities. Meditate over a bowl of water while visualizing all the things you are grateful for in your home. Then leave it under the sun or moon for a few hours for extra power. Finally, put the water in a spray bottle and spritz when necessary!

#5 – Declutter

Decluttering is a seriously underrated magical act. Ask yourself which objects around you are loved and/or used regularly. These add energy to a space, rather than bogging it down. Letting go of actual physical items is as clearing for the energy of your space as it is for your own mind and spirit.

Two other energetic-decorating rules of thumb are to add plants, and also keep things off the floor so the energy can literally flow. When you clear out that closet just remember that it’s hard emotional labor to let go! Do it with help and leave yourself some time to relax and recharge afterwards.

Try one of these methods at least once a month and you will keep yourself and your space in peak psychic condition. You’ll be amazed how lovely it is to step over your own threshold throughout 2020!

Raven Hinojosa