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The Earth is communicating with us.

Every murmur, tilt and tectonic shift.

Every breeze, flurry and gale.

Each stretching bough and rushing river contains a message for those with the time and space to listen. If you haven’t noticed and heard her voice before now, you soon will.  Because she’s getting louder.

New Moon in Taurus 2018

On May 15th at 04:47 PT / 12:47 UK time the Moon is New at 24º of Taurus.  Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the energy it offers is slow, steady, constant, sensual.  It is rooted and honouring, it does what it says it will, it loyally stays the course.

Mother Earth’s Love

The Earth is in bad shape.  She is hurting. She is in danger of becoming inhospitable if the way we’re treating her, using her and raping her resources doesn’t end soon, and become replaced with healing. She doesn’t have to give us warning signs.  She ascended years ago, she already exists multidimensionally – the Earth we live on here in 3D is, in fact, a hologram, created for the comfort and necessity of humanity, while She waits for us to make the quantum leap. Yes, Mother Earth is waiting for us, even though She has no good reason to sit and let this continue, except one:  Love.

One of the hardest, yet most important tasks of motherhood, is to let your children make their own mistakes so that they can arrive at a place of true self-recognition, and gain the opportunity to make amends. This is an expression of true maternal love, and our Great Mother is waiting for us to make this same shift from perpetrator to protector. She is trusting that we’ll get there and is holding the space – her own body – for it to unfold, because She loves us, as children of the Earth.

New Moon: New Beginning

This New Moon in Taurus serves as an initiation into a new-found love for the Earth.

New Moons symbolise new beginnings and bring with them opportunities to start afresh.  This doesn’t mean ignoring or turning away from all that has come before. It means realising the pivotal nature of the present in the context of our and your history and recognising the uniqueness of the launch-pad provided by the past.

This New Moon is an invitation to commit to doing something differently, better, than before.  It is made personal when you look at where it can be found in your own astrological chart – look at which house 24º of Taurus sits in, and use it as further guidance to support an intention this month.

Does it fall in your 1st house?  For you, this New Moon offers a potent time to refresh and reinvigorate the way you are asserting yourself in the world. If it falls in your 6th house, then consider whether your health and wellbeing and the methods and routines you employ to stay on top of life, could do with some attention.  In your 8th house, then power plays: money, sex, shared assets and property may need a focused injection of the fresh (and very grounded) energy of this New Moon.

Earth Energy: Responsibility & Growth

There is a lot of Earth energy flowing through this lunation.

Three planets sit in Taurus: Sun Moon and Mercury, and three planets in Capricorn: Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

The materiality of life is in focus: the very tangible nature of what it means to participate in the human story. Despite (and because of) the steady and tenacious energy of the bull that this sign depicts, Taurus brings presence.  We’re being encouraged to listen closely to the whispering stillness of the present, and take our cues from this place.  But Capricorn brings another type of earth energy to the table, and this is cardinal in quality, meaning it contains more of a desire to force change and get to work.  Its focus is more future-oriented and concerned with legacy, responsibility and maturation.

The Mars – Uranus Square: Innovation & Rapid Change

At the time of the New Moon, Mars (at 29º of Capricorn) squares Uranus (at 29º of Aries – just hours before entering Taurus.)  In case you thought you were in for a steady ride over this lunation, this dynamic aspect rocks Sun and Moon from their sensual slumber and galvanizes action.  The intentions you set at this time will be launched on a high and fast trajectory. Uranus offers innovation, invigoration and rapid change.  The effects of this planet are rarely gentle and they don’t wait to see if you’re ready.  Uranus shatters the status quo and the illusions which kept it intact.  Squaring Mars, the warrior planet, neither will offer you an apology.  This square comes apart but will reform over the summer months (July, August, September) so consider your call to action at this Taurus New Moon as a foundation-forming time.  The seeds you sow will rise.  Then they will bloom.

Uranus Enters Taurus: Revolution Begins

It can’t NOT be mentioned in the context of this New Moon, that Uranus enters Taurus just a few hours afterwards (10:24 PT / 18:24 UK time).  The orbit of Uranus is 84 years, meaning this outer planet spends around 7 years transiting each sign.  Wherever it goes, Uranus revolutionises. It creates freedom and change by forcing rapid innovation, and shape-shifting into entirely new ways of being and living.  Here in Taurus, where money, material wealth and our sensory experience of the world is housed, this 7-year long transit looks set to create a monumental amount of very visible change for every single one of us.

The Earth is speaking to us again, this time through her astrological allies. And her voice is about to get very, very loud.

Will you use this New Moon and this new beginning to start listening?

New Moon blessings,


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