The Angels will often send us the same sign over and over again until we finally pay attention but the good news is that they never get frustrated with us.   The Angels can be very clever and resourceful as they deliver the same sign in many different ways or formats until we finally take notice.  The fact that we actually take notice is vitally important here; even if we don’t understand the meaning of the sign.  If we remain observant it will all make sense at exactly the right time. That is why in my talks about Angel signs & synchronicities I teach people to keep a journal of interesting occurrences.  After some time, a pattern or meaning may present itself to you from the notations that you have made.

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A sequence of Angel signs or as I call them ‘Small Miracles’ will frequently come together to create a ‘Synchronistic Event’; in the eyes of the Angels this accumulation of signs is a ‘Large Miracle’.  Dr Carl Gustav Jung a Swiss Psychologist coined the phrase Synchronicity as “An apparent coincidence that inspires a sense of wonder & personal meaning or particular significance in the observer.”   Personally, I believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence; these events are actually the ‘Divine’ communicating with us and trying to assist us: sorry Dr Carl!

I would love to share with you the repeated Angel signs that I have received recently.  Multiple times over the past few weeks I have received a sign that I had never had before.  The Angel sign was the word ‘WIN’.  Everywhere I went, I saw the car number plate ‘WIN’.  I was receiving this sign so often that I started to think, “what’s going on?”  Of course, my initial reaction was fantastic; I’m going to win something.   Every time I received the sign, I felt really happy.  Then one day I was working on my present project and I was asking the Angels for assistance of just the right person to help me with it.  I received a download from the Angels to contact a lady that I had met in Queensland, which I did and she gave me the name of someone from overseas who she thought may be able to help me out.

Following this conversation, I was on the phone with my sister.  I was telling her about my repeated Angel sign & informing her that I was sure I was about to ‘WIN’ TattsLotto!  As the words came out of my mouth at that precise moment, I looked down at a piece of paper on my desk and there was the name of the lady from overseas: – “Winnie!!

It was then and there that I suddenly understood my sign and knew that this was the course of action to take.  This moment is called an “epiphany.”  An epiphany is a synchronistic event that leads to a sudden understanding within you.  An ‘ah ha’ I get it moment!”

When you start to tune into your guidance life really does become easier.  It is so important to become the observer.

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Angel Blessings Michelle Newten The Aussie Angel Lady

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