Are you ready to make, break or follow the rules?

This week, we’re working with obedience. When this card came up from my Angel Cards, I instantly smiled and felt a mischievous sense of breaking (or following) the rules. So, that’s what this Angel Message Reading is about: we’re looking into whether you’re breaking or following the rules…and which one you should be doing right now! Should you be rebellious or compliant? And what will the consequences be?

The rules we’re talking about here are not necessarily those set by others, like laws or rules at work, they can also be rules you’ve set for yourself or maybe expectations of you which have been instilled in you by those around you. So, let’s see what comes up for you!

We’re using Sonia Choquette’s Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards.

Message #1

Intuition: Inner Child

angel card - intuition inner childThis is a very interesting card when it comes to obedience and there’s an energy which is coming from your childhood, and really that’s when our learning of the rules begins.

The violet color of the person on this card brings an energy of ‘bruised’ to me. I feel that it’s almost as if you’ve been knocked over by rules and regulations: being obedient has hurt you. It’s hurt your aura and your whole sense of identity in some way. But the violet color also indicates something else too – transformation.

This card shows that you are going through some kind of change where you’re tapping into that inner child. You might find fear, anger, energy coming to the surface, and you may be feeling emotions that you haven’t felt since you were a child. It could be about your childhood in general, or it could be about rules and regulations that you were given as a child. There’s a sense that it’s time for you to let go of rules and regulations you no longer need anymore and think for yourself. It’s time for you to establish your own rules for yourself.

The violet energy shows me that you are starting to think about the rules from your childhood and your inner child is now wondering how you can reflect on those old ways of thinking, and old constraints that were imposed on you, and carve out a new path for yourself.

The Sacral Center on the card shows that there’s some element of fun and joy for you here. It’s time to play and let go of old rules which hinder that.

The background colors show me that there’s a vibration of Archangel Gabriel coming in, so call on him to support you to create the rules that are right for you.

The lilac vibration gives me a sense that Saint Germain is coming in for you here too. Saint Germain is also known as the Alchemist of the Violet Flame and his vibration is all about transmutation so I feel that there’s a sense of burning away anything which has been holding you back or has been in your energy field that you don’t need anymore.

Your Main Take-Away: There’s a lot of healing here for you. Hold that inner child. Hold your Sacral Center and give your heart love!

Message #2

Leadership: Holy Spirit

angel card - leadership holy spiritWhat I get from this card is that even though there is someone ahead of you, you don’t have to go in that direction. You don’t have to do what everyone else does – just because they are doing things a particular way, doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box and be your own person.

Just because your family and friends have particular beliefs, it doesn’t mean that you have to be obedient to them and follow their path.  You can be the leader of your own thoughts, your own beliefs and your own rules.

For you, this card is showing you that you can carve your own path in the world, but not just for yourself, for others to follow your lead too.

Looking at the card…

  • The Divine Light. You are being inspired right now to be obedient to your own truth, to your higher self, to your Spirit.
  • The Dove. You should feel peace, and be at peace, with your decisions. Here you can feel confident that the decisions you make for yourself – whether that is simply to not follow the path of others, or the particular rules you make for yourself – are the right ones for you. It’s a sense of peace that you can be obedient to yourself, and not worry about complying with the rules set out by others. Do what feels right for you.
  • Archangel Gabriel. There’s a vibration that you should be calling on Archangel Gabriel to inspire you and to share in your dreams a message of hope and support of the right direction you should take to energize yourself.
  • Purple and green. The colors of the people in this card signify change but I feel that this is a change that is moving towards the light. It’s moving away from something that just doesn’t serve you anymore.

Your Main Take-Away: Make your own rules and take others with you. Feel confident that you don’t have to follow the rules outlined by others, you can make your rules, and in doing so you will inspire and lead others.

Message #3

Death: Guardian Angels

angel card - death guardian angelsThis is saying that your Guardian Angels are with you and supporting you because you’re going through transformation. Part of this may be that you’re breaking away from something, by choice. You’re making a conscious decision to let go of things that are no longer serving you, no longer healthy for you and perhaps no longer part of your identity. And your Angels are whispering messages of support to you.

You might be at a place for being stuck though. You might feel that you don’t know how to make this change, or you’re scared to. And this feeling may come for your personal conformity to the rules and being obedient to the general consensus (possibly by those around you) that you should have these feelings when it comes to change.

This card is saying that you are moving through a transformation which is like death. You could be moving away from a relationship, or a job, or even a belief, and it’s really hard to go through that change. I’m getting a saying coming to me which really sums up the feeling of this cards: What the caterpillar calls death, the master calls a butterfly.

It’s time for you to grow, sprout those wings and move to the next stage. Your obedience to keeping things the way they are, rather than breaking those rules, is what is keeping you as a caterpillar.

Your Main Take-Away: You don’t need to be the person that others think you are. It’s time to be the person that your higher self wants you to be.

Comment below to tell me if your message resonated with you and let me know how you’ll be making or breaking the rules in your life…

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