On Christmas night 2019 I was fortunate enough to receive a profound message from the Angels.  We had gathered at my mother’s home on Christmas evening.  I am blessed to be the eldest of 6 children so you can imagine that now we all have our own children that the gathering was lovely and large.  My youngest sister traveled up from Melbourne with her family which includes my youngest niece and nephew.  Miss Holly was sparkling, as usual, having received yet another Unicorn to add to her growing collection from Santa.  This was a “big unicorn” that she could sit on, so she was in seventh Heaven.  Along with the gorgeous unicorn she also received some children’s nail polish and a makeup kit.  This girly-girl couldn’t have asked for anything better.

The family proceeded to enjoy a lovely dinner with lots of laughs.  Whilst we were eating, 5-year old, Miss Holly, decides to create a little makeup station on my mother’s cast iron outdoor table.  One by one the females of the family were invited to the beauty salon where she meticulously painted every visitor’s nails.  She never missed a beat.

Finally, I was beckoned to the parlor.  I sat down and told her how lovely this was to get my nails painted, what a divine Christmas present.  Miss Holly was very serious about her nail painting and it turns out a deep and meaningful, was also a part of the consultation.  She says to me “you like pink don’t you!” to which I replied, “Oh yes, I love pink”.  Then she says “you like purple don’t you!” again I replied, “Oh yes I love purple”.  Then with an interesting glare, she says “what about green?” You see she was observant enough to know the colors I wear but she wasn’t so sure of green.  I replied, “it’s okay”.  She quickly says “we will just do a dot of green then”, which sounded perfect to me.


I then proceeded to say to Miss Holly, “I am so loving this, you know I always wanted a little girl, but you know I just have the two boys, your older cousins and there’s no sign of a granddaughter yet, it’s sad isn’t it?”

She stopped and took a deliberate minute and gave me a deep formidable glare.

She then says adamantly; “IT’S NOT SAD! I’M HERE NOW!”

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that, at all.  I felt like I had been slapped by a unicorn.

What happened here in this exchange was profound for me and is an advanced Angel Sign called ‘Golden Tongue Wisdom’.  This occurs when the Angels deliver a message to you through a person.  They are the conduit for Angel’s message however they really don’t know the profound impact it can have on the receiver.  Children often deliver messages like this, as they say, “out of the mouths of babes!”  Their honesty is direct and to the point.

The Angels brought to my attention that I was focusing on what I felt was lacking in my life which is a form of poverty consciousness.  Here in front of me was what I had so desired for so long yet not in the form I believed I should have mainly a daughter or granddaughter.

This sparkling unicorn lover, an old soul was right here right now, lovingly painting my fingernails with pink, purple and a dot of green for good luck.  The Angels pulled me up big time to realize that everything I had always longed for was already here.  As our time together drew to a close Miss Holly says “now you want some sparkles on top don’t you!”  to which I responded, “absolutely that will match my sparkly toenail polish”.  “Yes” she said.  Holly knew me so well.

Yet another magical memory was created with my gorgeous spunky curly-haired niece.  It will sit in my heart along with our trip to the fairy shop this year where her first choice of a gift was a $2.00 little bottle of fairy dust!  I don’t think I could love this little darling anymore if I tried.  I am so blessed to have received the most profound Christmas present.

Thank you, Angels. Thank you, Miss Holly.

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