This week’s Angel Messages are all about balance.

Place one or both of your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to either MESSAGE 1, 2, or 3 to receive a message from their heart to yours. I’d LOVE to know how the messages speak to you and please share and pass on the ANGEL’S LOVE to your friends by gifting them with a message too. Thank you!


  • Angel Message #1 – 1:26
  • Angel Message #2 – 4:41
  • Angel Message #3 – 8:21

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Angel Message #1


This would be 5 of Wands in the Tarot.

This card signifies collaboration and connection, but also a little bit of a struggle. The balance comes between the spiritual and the physical plane, between heaven and earth.

You must let go of your fear, reach up to something and not being afraid to take the next step up. Even if you’re not confident that you can do it, there are people and beings around you who will support you and be right there with you.

What is above is also below. Help will come from around you but also above you.

Part of this is about remembering who you are, remembering your soul origin – understanding you’re in the physical plane but whatever you’re seeking is already within you.

Angel Message #2


This card is about communication, an opening up between your heart and throat chakras. The turquoise energy is asking the question, “Are you ready?”

The balance here comes from within – when you say, “I can’t do it”, you must find the counter-voice which says, “Well, maybe I can!” You need to acknowledge the part of yourself which is the truth and once you find it, you’ll find the doorway to your next step.

There’s also a vibration of community here. You might find yourself finding a balance between being alone and being with your community.

The final thought here is about the love energy. There’s something around energy coming in for you.

Angel Message #3

The CupPin

There’s a balance of masculine and feminine energy here. So much is working for you at the moment – things are in balance and everything is going well. Because of this balance, you’re opening up.

There’s a rabbit here which signifies that you are turning your back on your fear, and the rainbow signifies completion – it’s time to receive your just reward.