Working with the Messengers of the Akashic Realm and the crystal grid of Timeless Wisdom has been very powerful this week and I want to share this energy with you. The Master Guardian of the Akashic Realm is Elock Eliac.

His main gift is the transformation and materialization of dreams into reality. He also has a strong protective energy. When he appears in a reading with other Messengers, Elock Eliac brings strength and power to the messages of the other Messengers; so pay close attention!

Receiving the gift of transformation and materialization of dreams offered by Elock Eliac depends on you ability to tap into your inner wisdom and recognize the dreams that are yours. As we talked about in the first video for September, so many of us are working hard to materialize someone elses’ dream for our…parent, spouse, child…or younger self. This doesn’t tap into the power of the Akashic Realm and Elock Eliac.

Get clarity on your desires and dreams then ask for his help…that will set the power in motion!

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