Card 1

5 of Pentacles

This week you will recognize that you have a poverty mindset. The 2020 energy is asking you to question and reflect on your foundation surrounding your abundance. Your programming is a “lack” mentality, this is a void mentality in 2020 and it is time to put a new frame in focus when it comes to abundance. Clear the money mindset that your parents ingrained in you and embrace a new foundational beginning.

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Card 2

8 of Swords

Your subconscious is protecting you from the fact that you are powerless, you don’t have any control or power over a certain situation. You brought this situation in based on your thoughts and feelings, but you are now powerless to it. Let it flow because you actually have the power within your powerlessness.

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Card 3

Ace of Swords

You are in a victory mindset. We are going through a major foundational shift worldwide and we are being forced to look at the programming that was ingrained in us. The truth may not sit right with our spirit, so now this year we are realizing the truths that are closer to a Higher Vibration that is more inclusive, positive and focused on unconditional love. Break the chains of your foundation, rebuild from the ground up, and accept and love the ones that did not know any better than to teach you from their own education.

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