Card 1

Ace of Swords

Something new is starting this week! First, you need to change your mind about new beginnings and drop the negative misconceptions and fear of change. Embrace the endings that bring the opportunity and space for something new and positive to come in. Practice positive affirmations and embrace the small endings to show the Universe that you are ready to embrace the BIG and positive new beginnings. This is a powerful week to manifest positive and everlasting new beginnings.

Card 2

5 of Cups and Swords, 4 of Swords and 3 of Wands

Big change this week! Change your mind in order to let go and move on from the deception that was out of your hands, which will leave you alone and allow you to come back into yourself and create a new opportunity from it. Thank those that deceived you because they are giving you an opportunity to grow. The universe wants to reward you by embracing the changes and lessons that others have given you.

Card 3

3 of Pentacles

Focus on the work that you want to achieve. Be proud of what you have achieved so far, take a second to embrace and celebrate the accomplishments that you have under your belt. You have accomplished a lot, you have done well and you should be very proud of yourself! Give yourself a pat on the back and remember that you will continue to thrive and succeed as long as you stop and reflect on how far you have come.