manifestation tarot spread 2PinWe often think of the Tarot as a tool for telling your future. But did you know that the Tarot can also be used for creating your future?

That’s right – the future is in your hands and you have the free will and power to create your own destiny, just the way you want it.

Even better, the Tarot cards can act as your guide to creating and shaping your future, showing you how to best manifest your goals and live the life you’re meant to live.

Here’s how…

1. Create Goals That are in Alignment with Your Full Potential

Before you can start manifesting your goals, you need to know exactly what those goals are.

Start by asking yourself, what is it that I really want? For example, “I want to live a healthy lifestyle and feel great outside and in.”

Then, turn it into a SMART goal. Make it specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-based. For example, “I want to weigh 60 kgs in 90 days.”

Ask yourself, “Is this a stretch goal, or a comfortable goal?” That is, are you really pushing yourself or will it be relatively easy to reach this goal? Either way, create 2-3 variations of your goal, from something really achievable to something that would be a challenge (but awesome if you could reach it).

Using The Cards For Guidance

Now it’s time to check in with the Tarot (and yourself) about whether this is indeed the right goal for you. For each variation of your goal, draw a Tarot card and ask, “What is the energy surrounding this goal?

For example, for 60kgs in 90 days, I might draw the Two of Swords – a sign that this isn’t quite in alignment just yet. So, I change it to 65 kgs in 90 days and draw the Nine of Pentacles – now we’re talking! This card is a sign that I can have my cake and eat it too (excuse the pun), and that I can live a comfortable lifestyle while still remaining healthy with this kind of goal.

OK, so now we have the right goal in mind. Let’s find out how to make that goal a reality.

2. Discover How to Manifest Your Goal

So, I know now that I want to weight 65kgs in 90 days and that goal is in resonance with me. The next step is to use the following Manifestation Tarot Spread to find out just how I can make this goal a reality.

Here’s the layout:

  • Where am I now in relation to my goal?
  • What do I need to release?
  • What do I need to grow?
  • What steps can I take?
  • What lesson will I need to master?
  • What might I experience over the next 90 days?

Draw the Tarot cards and interpret your reading. You’ll start to get a clear picture about what you might experience as you work towards manifesting your goal. You can also plan for any potential obstacles along your path so that you don’t get de-railed.

After you’ve completed the reading, summarise the key points and create a personal action plan for achieving your goal. Then, you’re ready for the final step…

manifesting with tarotPin3. Call on the Energy of the Tarot Cards to Help You Manifest Your Goals

Each and every Tarot card holds its own, unique energy that is highly potent, particularly when it comes to manifesting your goals.

When you’re in manifestation mode, choose a Tarot card that represents the energy you most want to create in your life. For example, I might choose the Sun for creating a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, or the Star for helping me to become the weight I’ve always wanted to be (through a healthy, cleansing process).

You can choose this card consciously, or you could randomly select a card. You could also look back at your Manifestation Tarot Reading and find the card that speaks to you most clearly in the spread.

Now that you have this card, spend some time just gazing at the card. What comes to mind? Don’t over-analyse it – just let it speak to you intuitively. Then, grab a pen and paper and set a timer for at least 10 minutes and start to ‘free write’. Write whatever comes into your mind, even if it’s “I don’t know what to write”. Soon, the intuitive insights will begin to flow and you may start to find some interesting messages within yourself that help you to achieve your goals.

At the end of the 10 minutes, circle the messages that are most helpful to you.

You can also meditate with this Tarot. Visualise the Tarot card, then step into the scene. Experience what it feels like to be a part of this Tarot card. Become the character(s) in the card. Ask them questions. Accept their gifts and messages. Spend as long as you need here interacting with this Tarot card. Then when you’re ready, imagine yourself stepping out of the scene and returning to your normal life. Take note of what you experienced and what messages came to you.

Both of these activities are very powerful in helping you to harness the energy of the Tarot and manifest your goals while tuning in to your intuition.

When you start using the Tarot for manifestation, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with! Start manifesting your goals today and create your own destiny rather than waiting for it to happen to you.

Over to You…

How do you use the Tarot for manifestation? Please share your comments and ideas below.