Happy December!

Here we are, it is the last month of 2018! Here is a Tarot and oracle card reading for the final month of the year, offering insights on how we can best navigate the weeks ahead…

Associations for December 2018

Element: Air

Animal: Owl

Goddesses: Athena, Blodeuwedd

Angel: Archangel Michael

Keywords for December 2018:

  • Truth
  • Realignment
  • Breaking Foundations
  • Release
  • Revelation
  • Detached Observation
  • Connecting with the Heart

Tarot Reading for December 2018:

King of Swords • Nine of Cups (reversed) • The Tower

We are winding down to the completion of this calendar year, and this is a great time to review what we’d like to release, bring in, and change for the new year. This month, we are advised to especially look at the parts of our lives where we have been feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

While it is important to acknowledge and have gratitude for the things in our lives that have been working, it is also worthwhile to observe where things have not been working for us so that we can make necessary adjustments and improvements.

We are asked, however, not to be over-emotional in our observance. This sort of approach clouds our perception. Rather, be like the King of Swords, who is rational, logical, and a detached observer of what simply is. The best way to approach this reflection is to take a step back and place an emphasis on the facts.

The King of Swords is a figure that represents truth, justice and diplomacy. He is depicted with a warrior-like quality, but he is not symbolizing actual physical warfare. Instead, he represents standing up for what is true and living with integrity.

This figure has qualities similar to Archangel Michael– the protective, warrior angel who is associated with courage and truth.

And although he is a masculine figure, he also shares similar qualities to Athena– the intelligent and strategic Greek goddess of war and wisdom. The owl is an animal associated with Athena, which represents wisdom and the ability to keenly see into the dark places.

The King of Swords can cut through the confusion and muddled perception, and knows how to solve a problem quickly. We are asked to embody the King of Swords in that way this month, and the way we can do that is to not only be a detached observer but also to tune into our hearts.

This advice may sound contradictory, as the heart is often associated with emotions, but the heart’s voice is not over-emotional. It always shares wisdom and truth. The heart is the doorway to the Divine.

By simply taking some time in the weeks ahead to sit, and connect and listen to our hearts, we can find some clarity and guidance. You may find yourself guided to let go of old foundations, so call forth the inner strength and courage to do so. The word “courage”, by the way, comes from the word “heart”!

The Tower card signifies that some of us may be experiencing sudden changes that are thrusting us into a more aligned and truthful life. But for most of us, this card signifies that we are asked to release false and outdated situations, patterns, thoughts and beliefs.

Thunder is depicted in this card which represents not only the disruption of change, but also revelation. Revelations may be experienced, and are encouraged this month. Interestingly, Athena is also associated with storms and thunder. She has also been referred to as “bright eyed”, denoting her connection with clear seeing.

If it feels appropriate for you, you could work with Archangel Michael, Athena and/or the Owl at this time to help you. Air is is our highlighted element for the month which is associated with truth, justice and the realm of thoughts. Therefore, you could also work with this element in the weeks ahead to aid you.

From “The Goddess Oracle”, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky:


Along with Athena, Blodeuwedd is another goddess guide for the month. She is a Welsh deity who has undergone several phases and transformations in her story. Her final and most mature form is that of a wise and perceptive owl (there’s the owl, again!).

Her message for us is to look at the theme of betrayal in our lives this month. Some of us may have situations of betrayal from others going on that we need to discern and see. But for most of us, her message is to look at the ways we may have been betraying ourselves.

Often, when betrayal occurs from those around us, we have seen the signs but chosen to ignore them. The lesson we can gain from these situations is to resolve to acknowledge and trust our inner voice. In what ways have you been doing yourself a disservice? Do you listen to and trust your inner guidance?

Those are the messages for this month. Thank you for reading and have a blessed December!



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