Here is a tarot card exercise using only the Major Arcana to help give you some insights on what theme may be best for you to focus on for the month of January. The Major Arcana is one part of the tarot that symbolizes big concepts, and offers a more spiritual, “bigger picture” perspective than its counterpart, the Minor Arcana.

Take a moment and check in with your intuition, and pick number 1, 2 or 3. Closing your eyes, and putting your hand on your heart may help.
I will share what messages intuitively come up for me as I read each card, but feel free to see what comes up for you as you look at the image.
Also, if you’d like, look up the interpretations of the cards to see what other interpretations may resonate for you.

And if you have a tarot deck at home, you could meditate on the Major Arcana card you picked to see how this symbol may be significant to you this month.

Here we go!

If you picked 1, you can go to- 0:40
If you picked 2, you can go to- 4:04
If you picked 3, you can go to- 6:32

Love and Blessings,