Card #1

The High Priestess

You have uncovered something within your relationship. You have used your intuition to discover this and it is important that you do not react. Take the time to reflect on the information you uncover so that you can make a reasonable decision that is in alignment with the person that you want to be. This week will give you the courage and confidence to trust your intuition when it comes to relationships and decide what you want to do.


The Queen of Pentacles

There is a female Earth sign, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn that is bringing in competitive energy because of their need to accumulate. They are so focused on material gains and wealth that they have dismissed a lot of their spirituality. This is causing chaos internally for them and it is affecting your life. Put this Earth sign on the back burner for a week or two just to gain a new perspective when it comes to your relationship with them.  


Card #3

The Wheel of Fortune

Congratulations! You have won the lottery! This is your week to do the things that you felt you would not do before! You have all of the resources that you need to accomplish something HUGE! This week it is like you have won the lottery and you have unlimited potential and resources at your fingertips! Enjoy it!