Happy August!

Here is a Tarot and Oracle card reading to offer us insights on what Pinenergies are in the air this month, and how to best navigate them in the weeks ahead…


  • Transition
  • Stability
  • Power
  • Abundance
  • Inner Guidance
  • Going within before coming out

Tarot Reading for August 2018:

  • 4 of Wands
  • The Hermit
  • Knight of Pentacles
  • 8 of Wands

This month, many of us will find ourselves drawn to go within. This is so that we may plan, imagine and reflect before stepping out into action, expansion and expression. This influence is what is advised for us, so if you are experiencing it, go with it!

The Hermit

PinThe Hermit is pictured walking alone in the dark, holding a lantern. This light represents our inner voice – our intuition. He is telling us that this is a transitional time, and we are advised to look within ourselves for direction, rather than look outside at what others are saying or doing. Through following this internal guidance, there is promise of finding harmony, stability and fulfillment. This positivity may be experienced later in the month, preceded by some “Hermit” time engaging in long walks alone in nature, or in general contemplation and meditation.

The Knight of Pentacles and 8 of Wands

The Knight of Pentacles and 8 of Wands indicate that many of us will experience slow movement in the beginning weeks… but the pace will pick up quite a lot later in the month. The Knight symbolizes a vision or goal we may have, and we are advised to approach it with a gradual, step-by-step process. The “steps” may not even be “material”, meaning they may involve imagining and planning. But the 8 of Wands shows that we will Pinthen gain momentum. We may be engaged in travel, communication, creativity, news, and general busyness and swift movement in the latter part of this month… so hold on! The Knight of Pentacles also advises us to make sure we take in nourishing food at this time, so that our bodies may receive sustenance and support us as we get busy, take action, travel, etc.

#4 and #8

The numbers 4 and 8 are strongly featured in this reading. 4 is a number of stability, and 8 is a number of power and abundance. Through finding stability, we may then find our power and sense of abundance.

There is also a pattern of “Yin” before “Yang” in this reading – a sequence of “inside” preceding “outside”. This is reinforced with the prominence of the elements Earth (Yin) and Fire (Yang) in this reading. Through connecting deep within the dark Earth, we may then emit our expression into the world like the rays of the fiery Sun with more clarity and radiance.

These are the actions and themes we are called to this month, and these messages are echoed in the current astrology, with many planets in retrograde (as retrogrades indicate encouragement to pause before moving forward).

From the “Goddess Oracle” deck, by Amy Sophia Marashinsky:


PinThe powerful Kali has appeared as our guide for August. She is a dark goddess of transformation, and her presence indicates that this is a transitional time. Indeed, 2018 is a “portal” year, and this month’s energies are helping to move this change along.

Kali represents liberation and purification. She helps to cleanse us of illusions, and destroys that which keeps us from coming into our truth and alignment and creating anew. Some of us may experience our egos resisting or fearing these changes, but as she is a fiercely loving mother, these shifts are only what our soul truly calls for. If you’d like, work with Kali this month and ask her to help you in your transition. Or, call up the Kali within yourself for these powerful inner workings.

In this deck, Kali is pictured with a dark night sky and stars in the background. These stars represent our own inner compass; the light within the dark that guides us as we navigate through our period of uncertainty which comes with transitions. This symbol parallels that of the lantern we’d encountered with The Hermit. Kali’s message echoes that of the Hermit: to follow that inner guidance.

For some, this goddess’s appearance may also indicate the need to focus on integrating the Kali part of ourselves: the fierce parts of us that that we may not accept, but which connect us to our strength and power.

Have a blessed month!