The Beauty of Contrast and Numerology


There is a Positive Side To Your Most Difficult Situations

Contrast is a natural aspect of the human experience. There are times in life where we are flying high, vibing on life and in total flow. There are also times when we are experiencing the opposite side of the emotional spectrum where life may occur more challenging or rough.

Contrast is the experience of that which we do not want. It is also a fundamental piece of our personal growth.

So on a basic level what can contrast teach us? It illuminates the aspects of our being still in need of healing. When we are triggered by something or someone in our lives it’s an opportunity to seek deeper into our relationship with self. Humans are complex creatures and we all have individual lessons and challenges we will face along our journey. Now how rad would it be if you had a sneak peek into what those challenges would be and have some support in the best ways to navigate these challenges? Lucky for us all numerology can give us some seriously awesome insight into the world of contrast and challenges.

Your name at birth illuminates the major lessons and challenges you will face in your lifetime. It’s awesome to know this information, since when we understand our strengths and know the challenges we will naturally face in this lifetime we can work with these energies, lessons and experiences to move through them more harmoniously and quickly.

You may be wondering what exactly is a challenge number?

Challenge numbers in numerology are specific lessons you are required to learn. The science of numerology supports us in understanding how we can enhanse our talents, strengthen our weaknesses and learn through contrast. For our souls evolution and our personal growth, the challenge numbers are presented to us through different life circumstances influenced by the specific characteristics of the challenge number’s vibration. We are all beings with free will and we will either consciously learn these lessons quickly or unconsciously learn these lessons slowly. The more we resist the lesson the more intense it becomes until we have no choice but to deal with it. The challenge numbers in your chart give you a overview into what those areas and lessons will be for you. When you know this information you can consciously choose to design your life along the path of least resistance and in a state of more consistant flow.

There are three cycles of challenges we face through our lifetime and one main challenge that will run in the background our entire lives. The first challenge number is a fluid period of time beginning at birth and residing for approx 30 years. The second challenge lasts for another cycle of 30 years and the third challenge remains until the end of your life. The main challenge is an influence you will feel throughout your entire life. Its like the burning question which repeatedly surfaces in all you do.

For example my first challenge number is 2. The energy of this challenge is being hyper sensitive to the thoughts and opinions of others. I struggled with feedback and took alot of things personally for the first 30 years of my life. The second challenge I face is ruled by the number 7. This challenge presents me with the concepts of meditation solitude and reflection. This is a number of research and deep intuitive ponderings. Its no coincidence all I do now has a strong sprirtual influence to support me in learning the mysteries of life and importance of reflection. The main challenge I have which holds an influence over my entire life is ruled by the number 5. The burning question and motive running in the background for me is always about freedom. I am constantly pondering what is freedom and how I can experience freedom in all aspects, in all relationships and all my life situations. Knowing this piece I clearly understand a major part of my path is to figure out for myself what freedom and committment truly mean to my experience this time around. When I know this I can express this challenge in an open and more constructive way. In the past I would express my need for freedom by changing relationships quite frequently without much reguard for the other person/people. Now I choose to enter into more open and fluid partnerships. In these relationships really interesting and awesome dialogue has opened up about freedom, committment and partnership just by virtue of understanding and implimenting this challenge (which supports me in my learning).The final challenge I face in my lifetime is ruled by the vibration 4. This is a number of foundation, organization and structure. It would appear in my later years I will be learning the value of these concepts full out.

Our challenges become our greatest opportunities for growth if we accept the mission at hand.

Just think for a second how simple it its help someone throughout the same challenge when you have experienced it first hand? This what I call the silver lining in the clouds. When the circumstances of the lesson stop appearing we can often conclude we have learned what we needed to learn. When we master these life lessons we can move on to supporting others along their path in transcending the same challenges. Which is pretty magical and amazing! To receive your free numerology report, go here.

Love in Numbers,


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