Synchronicity in Numerology


What do the Number Patterns You Notice Mean?

Have you ever noticed certain number patterns (1234, 1111), numbers in series of 3’s (222,333,444) or reoccurring numbers? These types of patterns are a mystical form of synchronicity. The first step to seeing these omens and synchronicities simply begins as a choice to see them. It is through the power of intention we enter into deeper states of awakening. Its in these moments of awakening we begin to see there are two ways we can look at life. One is as if everything is magical and a miracle, the other that nothing is.

Synchronicity falls into the first category of magic and miracles. Pretty awesome right?!

Most people have witnessed seeing number sequences like 123, 1234, 111, 1111. Is this all coincidence? Well in the world of numerology, number sequences are believed by many to be codes or messages from a higher intelligence directing us towards our path or helping us stay on path.

We all have free will and the way our lives go really is up to us. We can choose to seek the mystery of the human experience, to cultivate knowledge wisdom and self exploration or we can choose not to. I personally choose the option that feels good, this to me means playing with the synchronicity of life, being present to notice these symbols and viewing life as an ever evolving adventure quest. One of my mantras in life is ‘if it feels good do it’. I dive deeper into this personal mantra in our video series.

The main reason why I choose to see life through the lens of possibility, inspiration and magic is because it raises my vibes. Im happy when I think this way and when Im happy my vibration raises. I encourage each and everyone of you to come up with your own set of high vibing ‘rules’ for playing the game of life. Keep and cultivate anything that leaves you feeling empowered, happy and fulfilled on a heart and soul level. It’s in these high states of vibrational energy synchronicities become more clearly visible and occur at what sometimes seems lighting speed.

One of the most powerful and simple ways to step onto this path of self discovery is to intentionally focus on noticing the synchronicities ever present in your life. These are the moments of uncanny coincidence, of serendipity, of pure universal magic. We are all on this quest of life and as we clear our minds and dive into the mystery of decoding these numerical sequences through numerology we start to see the interconnectedness oneness and abundant magic within our individual experiences.

Remember synchronicity is often believed to be a marker we are on the right path and comes as a tool from a infinite intelligence for support and guidance in fulfilling our purpose and life mission. We will be discussing the meaning of different number sequences in the weekly video series and the podcast. So let us know what numbers you always see and we’ll chat about it on our channel with a shout out to you!

Love in Numbers,


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