Have you identified that your limiting beliefs are preventing you from attracting abundance?

Your ego develops false truths to keep you safe and secure. It is a primitive survival mechanism that recognizes change could be potentially life-threatening so it wants to protect you!

Because of this, these old thought patterns and habits can linger for a lifetime and it is only when you try and create a more enriched life for yourself that you may feel compelled to recognize and release these troublesome truths.

In order to detach from your limiting beliefs without resistance, it’s important to first accept their protective role within the mind and body.

It is important to remember that releasing limiting beliefs is not about completely eradicating them. It’s about detaching from the idea that they are true.

If you feel ready to overcome them, it is essential to gravitate towards feelings of joy and adopt a faith-over-fear approach to life. These are many tools available to help you to release your limiting beliefs. The most common techniques are guided hypnosis, affirmations and gratitude.

Here are some of the most common limiting beliefs that can sabotage your chances of success and ones I have personally had to overcome on my journey towards a more fulfilling life.

1. I Must Work Hard For A Living

I inherited this one from my Father who worked long hours in his own business and never had enough money. Here it is important to remember that the universe works in mysterious ways. Abundance is attracted in numerous ways and this doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself out to achieve it.

You definitely need to take inspired action and be focussed and determined to make things happen, but this effort should never leave you feeling exhausted. Your expectations contribute to the creation of your reality so if you believe you have to work hard, that is exactly what you will attract.

A great way to transform this is to affirm: “I effortlessly attract greater prosperity and abundance into my life”.

2. I Don’t Have Enough Money

I was brought up with my parents telling me that money doesn’t grow on trees and that they can not afford the things they wanted.

If your automatic reaction to buying something new is “I can’t afford that” then chances are you have a scarcity belief. Instead of reacting it that way, why not say ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I can have this’ and then just hand the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ to your universal manager. Your job is only to focus on the ‘what’ you want and the ‘why’ you want it.

You can transmute by affirming “I have more than enough money”.

3. I Don’t Have Enough Time

Is your story that you never have enough time? The fact is, everyone has 24 hours a day but you must learn how to manage your time wisely to be productive. If you find yourself saying ‘I don’t have enough time’, make sure you are not using this as an excuse because really you don’t want to do the task at hand. It may be a fear that is blocking you. What are you afraid of and how can you overcome that fear?

You can clear this belief by affirming “I have all the time in the world”.


4. My Parents Are To Blame

This belief is yet another excuse for you to keep stuck in a rut because you feel safer there.

When you point the finger of blame at your parents, poor education or your lack of financial support, you are falling into the role of the victim or martyr and therefore disempowering yourself.

You always have the power to change your current situation and you have a choice to appreciate what you have learned from your parents as it has molded you into the person you are today.

You can change this perception by affirming “I consciously create my own reality”.

5. I’ll Never Amount To Anything Because My Family Didn’t

Your own potential can be impeded based on the way your family has experienced life. This cycle can be broken with enough willpower, strength, and determination so there is never a reason why you can’t buck the trend.

Abundance is your birthright so why not be the first in your tribe to acquire unlimited health, wealth and love. Don’t allow the struggle they went through taint your positive expectations of life! Believe in yourself and become the inspiration that your family needs to transform their own lives.

Break the pattern by affirming “My success is assured as I gracefully achieve my goals.”

6. I’m Not Good Enough

For many years I believed that nobody liked me and that I wasn’t smart enough to be successful. Feeling less than others is a very common limiting belief and is certain to keep you standing on one leg. It is an illusion that we are not as good as someone else.

If your life doesn’t unfold as you expected, there is a high chance that something more aligned to your purpose is on the horizon. Try and prove that your limiting beliefs are not true by becoming more aware of them as this will help you to release self-doubt and negativity.

To let go of this belief affirm “I am enough”.

7. My Dreams Are Taking Too Long To Come True

Do you feel like your dreams are taking too long to manifest? Every time you notice the lack of something, you are emanating a frequency of time frustration and because like attracts like, your impatience will attract an even longer wait. Ironic eh?

Everything always happens at the perfect time, which is always aligned to how ready you are. You will start to notice signs that will gently guide you towards your dreams so try to become more aware of synchronicities.

The following affirmation will help you to relax into the flow: “Everything comes to me easily and effortlessly at the perfect time.”

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8. There’s Not Enough Room For More Successful People

Have you experienced the negative influence of the green-eyed monster? Being jealous of the success of another is signaling to the universe that you don’t believe in your own abilities to create abundance. These thoughts act as limiting factors and often have a negative impact on your life. Remember, when the success of another makes your heart sing, your resistance is gone and your own success soars. If those around you are becoming successful, you are getting very close to attaining that too.

This affirmation will blast that old belief in the butt: “I am surrounded by those who reflect my magnificence.”

9. I Don’t Like Change

Being afraid of change acts as a form of resistance against your desires coming to fruition. New opportunities can threaten your sense of safety and security but these fears must be confronted to allow the manifestation of abundance. Fear is just False Experiences Appearing Real so try and recognize them as illusionary and know that there is nothing constant in life apart from change.

To let go of this resistance, use the following affirmation: “I willingly accept change and release myself from pain and struggle.”

10. People Will Judge Me

Do you worry about what other people think of you? If you are living with a fear of being judged or criticized for following your true purpose then you are not alone. Many people are paralyzed by the opinions of others, even if they don’t know them personally.

Like anyway on their way up, I have experienced my fair share of haters but it is important to develop methods to prevent them from sabotaging your success. Block, delete, ignore is my favored method.

Using what someone is judging in you is a reflection in themselves that they have not learned to love or accept unconditionally. That’s their stuff so let it go and keep focussing on what brings you joy.

Squash this outdated belief in an instant by affirming: “I love myself enough to not care about what others think!”

Please let me know in the comments section below which of these sabotaging beliefs you also identify with and how they have prevented you from becoming the best version of yourself in the past.