It’s YOUR year to SHINE

Actively working with the Personal Year Cycle can be a powerful and enjoyable way to surf the waves of synchronicity and engineer your future. Taking charge of this vibrational pattern is easy, and an opportunity not too be missed…

The Personal Year is easy to calculate; just sum the date and month of birth, add that to the Universal Year, and then reduce the new sum to a single digit number. 6 as the Universal Year of 2013!

For someone born on July 4th: 7+4 = 11: 11+2013= 2024: 2+0+2+4 = 8, making this an “8” Personal Year for them.

Your Personal Year Number

  • A Personal Year “One” represents a new beginning. Whether this seems like a good thing or not, 2013 will turn out to be an excellent year for you, as long as you take action and start fresh. It is a year during which you have to set your own course, almost as if a new life is beginning for you. Procrastination and indecision will bring tremendous problems, whereas willpower and confidence will bring success. Be confident, positive and move forward – you are setting the nine-year cycle in motion.
  • If your Personal Year Number is “Two”, opportunities will come to you; if you chase after them, they will elude you. Cooperation will bring great rewards, so work with others and their ideas before you try to promote your own. If you didn’t make a new beginning last year, domestic matters may come under stress. Don’t refuse offers of assistance or opportunities that come through others; at the same time, be careful of those who try to involve themselves in your personal life.
  • If 2013 gives you a Personal Year Number of “Three”, you may very well be rewarded for your efforts during 2012. This is a favorable year for both relationships and success in work or business, unless you didn’t let go of old issues during the previous 9 personal year. Moodiness, a gloomy attitude or scattering your energies won’t help resolve anything, but an “attitude of gratitude”, follow through, self-expression and taking action in a positive way will bring excellent results.
  • “Four” is the number of work and paying attention to details, system and order. When it becomes your Personal Year, it shows that it’s a time when nothing should be overlooked. Focus on bringing matters undertaken during the previous three years to perfection. Major changes should be avoided, and, unless it’s regular or work-related, travel should be too. Applying yourself to your work and your duties will bring stability, advancement and maybe even success, but not doing so could bring losses.
  • If “Five” is your Personal Year Number for 2013, expect this to be a year of personal freedom and changes. It’s a good year for making changes in whatever aspect of your life needs to be refreshed, especially if the last four years have been stagnant. Avoid overindulgence, but know that travel, romance and personal enjoyment are favored. If the last four years have been marked by positive actions and growth, don’t make any unnecessary changes, and you’ll prosper in many aspects of life.
  • If your Personal Year is “Six”, domestic and family matters become important for you or someone close to you. Positive changes in the home are likely, as are promotion and increased income. Some may gain responsibilities that they’d rather not have, but only if they’ve wasted the opportunities of the previous five years. Just as comfort and security will increase, domestic trouble can too, unless you put some extra energy into matters at home. Stay out of other’s problems during this time.
  • If you have Seven” as your Personal Year Number, it’s a perfect time for taking it easy, study, and self-improvement. Analyzing the lessons you’ve learned over the last six years could mean that you perfect this nine-year cycle, but complaining and brooding won’t help. This is not a good year to focus on material matters and investing, but it’s great for focusing on values, growth and your life-purpose. If you maintain a positive attitude, you can expect love and harmony to reign during 2013.
  • “Eight” is the number of material concerns, so during 2013, if you have been acting positively, you can expect advancement, authority and abundance. It can be great for business, and for reaping the benefits of your efforts. It’s also called the year of Karma, so if you have been overly materialistic, arrogant and selfish, it could bring financial difficulties. Modesty, gratitude and kindness toward others will manifest as prosperity on all levels of life; if you practice these virtues, you’ll get wonderful rewards.
  • If “Nine” is your Personal Year Number, it’s time to wrap things up and let the past go so that you can make room for the future. Trust in inner guidance, and avoid making plans. This is the year to bring things to completion; many leave friends or old ideas behind in order to be ready for next year’s new beginnings. Travel is very favorable this year, so be prepared for it. All gains and losses experienced this year will be directly proportional to your positive and negative actions during the last eight years.

Although the master numbers 11 and 22 are not a part of the 9 year cycle, there can be years that resolve to one of these numbers, rather than 2 or 4. Some arithmancers do not use them at all, but I have found that they will bring more intense experiences along the lines of the base numbers (2 and 4), but sometimes, they will have their own qualities, especially if 11 or 22 is one of your name numbers, or your LifePath number.

During an 11 year, one should avoid focusing too much on personal gain and material pursuits, and, instead, focus on manifesting ideals and spiritual matters first. A 22 year is much like an 11 year, but even more intense. It does not favor material pursuits, but is excellent for projects that benefit the public at large.>

The Personal Year is a very powerful current, and easy to work with. If your LifePath and Personal Year numbers are the same, the indications are even stronger and more useful. If you don’t make use of your Personal Year vibration, the most chaotic results are likely. If you do, 2013 may be the best year ever!

Happy 2013! Enjoy Life!

Your Professional Numerologist,
Roy Kirkland