The Perfect Gift

Roy’s Tips for Holiday Gifts – By the Numbers

A Tradition of Giving

The tradition of exchanging and giving gifts near the Winter Solstice has been in place as long as there has been civilization in the northern hemisphere.

There have been different holidays for both religious and secular people to celebrate the dark half of the year, despite the wide cultural and ethnic differences between them. Even those who follow various Lunar Calendars had festivals that centered on the shortest day of the year at the end of December. The gift-giving tradition probably started when the autumn months, with colder and shorter days, made farming impossible. Harvest was done and food was preserved – people had more time to work on their crafts, barters between hunters and growers were done, and there was time for feasting, sharing and more festive community activity.

Too Many Choices – Too Little Time

In our more complicated modern world, with an abundance of goods and services, it seems that we have more work hours and less time to grow, make, hunt and trade things that we can use to show others our appreciation. Not only that, but our choices are so vast, we may not be able to figure out what works best. You could use Numerology to help you choose the right gift for the right person. How? By having a look at their Birthday Number!

The Birthday Number is the day of the month the person was born on. If the person was born on the 2nd day of the month, their birthday number is 2. If they were born on the 14th, their birthday number is (1+4) = 5. The Birthday Number also determines the vibrational quality of the Cycle of Productivity, the second of the three Life Path sub-cycles (to learn more about the three sub-cycles, please read our article on the Life Path Cycles). If your loved ones personal year matches both their Birthday Number and the current sub-cycle, the gift you choose will be even more impressive!

Now let’s look at the Birthday Numbers, and what may be their “best gift ever.”

1 | The birthdays in the “1” group all prefer things that remind them of their accomplishments or individuality.

1st – Some love puzzles or games, especially if they have to solve them on their own. If you decide to give something that’s a symbol of success, make sure to have it engraved with their initials.

10th – A camera, musical instrument or other tools that can be used in creative pursuits are better than most anything when it comes to pleasing those born today.

19th – This person would benefit from anything that allows them to “get away from it all” – movie or travel tickets, fantasy novels, or unique dining experiences.

28th – “Friendship” jewelry or other material signs of closeness and togetherness tickle their fancy; it’s important that it can be something they show and share.

2 | Since these birthdays speak of friendship, partnerships or alliances, gifts that invite the company of others work best.

2nd – This person is easily moved by any gift, but it’s best to give something of a traditional nature that they can use or wear in company or at home when having visitors.

11th – Here’s someone who can easily go to extremes; the best gift for an 11 is one that helps them expand socially in some way. Internet devices or gift certificates work too.

20th – Memberships in clubs or tickets to group activities are best. Games (or tools to play games, like cards) work well, as long as two or more people must play.

29th – Being a dreamer and home-lover, subscriptions to magazines about home design and decorating are wonderful, as are plants or imagination-stimulating books.

3 | This is a cheerful and social number. They really enjoy being entertained as well as entertaining, so keep it on the fun side.

3rd – Self expression is important to them; things that help expand their ability to communicate are good, but even a set of writing equipment or personalized journal are great!

12th – Anything that can set their imagination (musical or artistic) free is wonderful. Make sure any movies are those that stretch the mind a bit; they don’t like being bored.

21st – It doesn’t matter what the gift is, as long as it has a story that comes with it. From antiques to futuristic technology, it needs to be “show and tell” material!

30th – This person likes to show more than they like to tell, so it’s good to think in terms of karaoke equipment, cookbooks, gym memberships or magic kits.

4 | Here we have a practical and driven person who needs some variety in their lives, but not distractions from their tasks.

4th – People born today can be stubborn, but labor-saving and productivity-boosting devices make them happy, such as blenders, cellphone enhancements and things for the car.

13th – They are more adaptable than you might think, and are happy with any gift, as long as it doesn’t require them to assemble it or follow a lot of instructions.

22nd – This Master Number, births people who need to cultivate inner harmony: music, meditation and relaxation recordings or tools are excellent gifts.

31st – Adaptable and disciplined, these people can be unreasonable at times, so be safe and give a gift of their favorite food, condiments or other consumable items.

5 | Freedom is Five’s theme, and personal enjoyment is their usual way of seeking it. They prefer change and surprise…

5th – For this versatile and social person, any type of restaurant, travel or entertainment guide is great. They really enjoy tickets to sports or artistic events as well.

14th – Here we have an adventurer; outdoor gear, a magic show, or a mystery party will “light their fires” unless they’ve been there and done that already.

23rd – This is the most sensitive and understanding person of the 5 group. They love fashion and jewelry – but only the edgiest and the latest will do.

6 | This is a care-giving and domestic number, but those in this group are determined to get things done on all levels.

6th – Being loving and able, this person needs a gift of any type that has sentimental value for the two of you. If it’s just something nice, they’re likely to pass it on to another.

15th – Knowledgeable and cooperative, they enjoy non-fiction books and self-help books on teamwork and relationships, or games based on trivia and facts.

24th – This restless and busy individual will really appreciate something that helps them slow down and enjoy life – music, live and recorded, really does it for them.

7 | Seven is aesthetically oriented and has refined tastes, but is often on one side or the other of the scientific/mystical divide.

7th – If you get tickets for something like a magic show or a performance, make sure it’s for the audience; they might not like participating in group activities.

16th – Unless you know their opinions about the gift you want to give, a certificate that lets them make their own choice is your best bet for making them happy.

25th – They tend to be philosophical, so something on the theme of science and spirituality may give them a chance to find the balance between they often ignore.

8 | A productive and goal-oriented person, 8 tends to focus on practical, systematic activities and tangible results.

8th – Time and money management are of great interest to this person, whether they express it or not. They will enjoy any media on this subject, but probably not on manifesting.

17th – They are more likely to be generally (not politically) conservative and traditional in their outlook; antique and vintage items excite them more than modern or exotic gifts.

26th – This is the most generous of the 8 birthdays; it’s important to focus on the sentimental value of a gift, or to treat them to an enjoyable time than anything else.

9 | Nines enjoy anything that brings in the atmosphere of far-away places or exotic ideas. Their appreciation is easy to obtain.

9th – This artistic and creative individual will enjoy anything that exhibits craftsmanship, whether it be a handmade book, an exotic teapot or a “conflict-free” gemstone.

18th – Anything that can be gotten from a foreign or native source will excite them, even movies or music. They like mechanical devices better than electronic ones.

27th – Being a responsible person, they may enjoy a trip to the Cirque Du Soleil more than an overseas journey, but the latter is really what they long for.

Of course, there are far more complex ways to pick a great gift for someone. But with this simple, reliable guide, you can come up with the “best gift ever” for just about anyone – by the numbers.

Your Professional Numerologist,
Roy Kirkland

About Roy Kirkland

Roy Kirkland has been a lucid dreamer with an interest in the esoteric sciences since early childhood. His practice in these ancient systems now spans several decades. Roy has gained several professional certifications from both the US and India for his work and has been featured on multiple media outlets. He has done presentations, workshops and live predictions for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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