Master Vibration 33: Creating the Ultimate Community and Honouring Your Inner Teacher

The energy of 33 is the most influential of all the master frequencies as it combines the qualities 11 and 22 and illuminates the potential of these energies to an entirely new level. It is the number of the master teacher with a concentrated focus on bringing more light, love and positivity into the world.
The focus of this week is how to build community and sharing what we know. If you are interested in taking your attraction, manifestation and transformation to a new level, start embracing the energy of 33. In this energy there are two main focuses. The first is taking inventory of the communities we surround ourselves with. The second is bringing our attention to aligning what we are teaching (through our speech patterns) with our actions. Simply put walking our talk.

First focus: Community

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Therefore it is highly advisable to surround yourself with teachers and people who inspire you, call you to be your best version, people who see you as your greatness and those individuals who love and accept you just as you are.

This week take inventory of your close community. Do the people you regularly surround yourself with drain your energy or contribute to it? If you find you are surrounded by draining energies, it’s time to do some community cleansing. This often means removing yourself from those dynamics and immersing yourself in communities more aligned with you and your path.

When you take this action you let the universe know you highly value yourself and are committed to your own worth and truly are invested in making positive shifts in your life and in your world.

Like we mentioned last week when you make the choice to change, the universe conspires with you to make it happen. Therefore when you make a solid commitment to shift your community, to be surrounded by more positive people, the universe will open up opportunities where these people dwell. All you have to do is walk through these doors of opportunity.

The Challenges of Change

Sometimes it can be challenging to walk away from communities, friends and relationships we’ve held for so long and here is the thing to remember, you have to take care of you and do what’s best for you. If it is their path to step into the world of positive co-creation they will find their way back to you and if not thats ok because you are both releasing each other to fully experience your soul path. Each relationship has its duration period and it’s important to gracefully accept some endings are necessary to create the space for people and circumstances more aligned with your new direction.

Second focus: Walking our Talk and Choosing our Teachers

1. Walking our Talk:

This is simply integrity. Doing what we say we are doing when we say we are doing it. We live in a time where an abundance of tools and information are available to support our personal transformations. We activate the energy of 33 when we begin to implement and really live what we are learning moment to moment in our day to day lives. This is an ongoing practice and each day we get stronger at aligning our word with our actions.

-Be mindful of what you give your word to.
-When you give your commitment stick with it.

Seeing integrity in action is super inspiring and will ultimately help you in co- creating and or attracting communities filled with positive integral people.

2. Choosing our Teachers:

Surround yourself with your most compatible teachers and you will find yourself on the path of least resistance. Invest in teachers, tools, communities and events where you can learn from those who have achieved what you want to achieve. Be sure you vibe with the way they teach and choose these teachers intuitively. Having teachers you relate to and positively vibe with will support you in maintaining your motivation and inspiration.

Give the gift of contribution

In these communities ask questions and be as active as you can. Deep down people want to help and feel of service. When you participate at 100%, interact and ask questions you give others the opportunity to be of service and share valuable experience. Allow them that gift. Also be prepared to share your wisdom and experience, because guess what, it is just as valuable and valid as any ‘guru’, spiritual teacher, expert or leader. This is the time of honouring the master teacher within.

The Inner Guru

There is no separation and difference between you and your guides and teachers. Teachers and guides assist us in accessing information and remembering that which we already know. You may have heard the expression all which you seek is already within you. Consider, all the people you surround yourself with are mirrors and reflections of you. You are only able to see something in someone else that also exists in you. Understanding this can lead you to surround yourself with people who are going to mirror the most positive and inspiring messages back to you and allow you the space to grow and develop in a way that makes sense to you.

The process of consciously choosing our environments and communities is ongoing and ever changing since as human beings we are always evolving and shifting. Be true to you and honour your greatest expression and potential by giving yourself the gift of a positive, supportive and loving community. It all starts with you ;) Come and join us on our Facebook Community if you haven’t already!

Here’s to rocking co-created communities of awesomeness!

Much Love in Numbers
The Numerologist Team